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  • asligallo@aol.com
    Thank you for your reply SG. I m not trying to develop paranormal abilities. In March I learned about Reiki from a friend on the internet. I used to believe
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 3 6:26 AM
      Thank you for your reply SG.  I'm not trying to develop paranormal abilities.  In March I learned about Reiki from a friend on the internet.  I used to believe stuff which can be proofed by scientific experiments than.  One day I felt the energy in my hands.  I didn't know what to do with it.  My daughter was going to have an eye surgery.  I put my hand on her eye.  After a week her surgery was cancelled.  She was all better.  The doctor couldn't explain.  Than I went for a vacation in Turkey.  I felt two earthquakes right before they happened.  I was so scared to conctact with a astral entity, I stop meditating.  I call it meditating but it might be something else.  I lye down.  The energy fills my body in about a few seconds.  I cannot feel my body, it gets all numb.  I just feel my hills and behind my head.  Some thoughts come and go.  And after a few munites its all quite.  And I feel very happy.  If I close my eyes, I fall asleep in 10 munites.  If I keep my eyes open, I can stay there half an hour and fall asleep and wake up after an hour or so.  I'm doing chakra cleaning exercises now.  I started meditating 4 weeks ago.  I can see the auras.  I can hear much better.  ( When I'm washing my hands, I can hear popping soap bubbles)  I can understand what my boy friend thinking.  Or I should say it just comes to my mind what he was thinking, eventhought when I was not thinking what he is thinking.  I become a vegeterian and I'm trying to find a volunteer job.
      I don't need paranormal abilities.  I just want to love people and help them and I can do this the way I am.  There are just things happening.  Should I let them happen?  Should I do meditation exercises, raising kundalini exercises or do I need a teacher to do them properly?  I don't want to hurt myself but I don't want to stop this(whatever is this, either cleaning up or awakining).  Because I'm already a happier and better person.
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