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Two new Yahoo Groups created today

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  • Michael L.
    Announcing two new Yahoo Groups created today: The first group is called “FIRST RING”. Sri Muruganar was a liberated sage who spent decades in the company
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2003
      Announcing two new Yahoo Groups created today:

      The first group is called �FIRST RING�.

      Sri Muruganar was a liberated sage
      who spent decades in the company of
      Sri Ramana Maharshi.

      Sri Muruganar was already a highly skilled poet before
      he met Sri Ramana Maharshi,
      and therefore his ability to communicate clearly
      is unsurpassed.

      One liberated sage
      reporting on the teachings of another liberated sage
      is like two mirrors facing each other.
      The result is an infinite reflection.
      Sri Muruganar�s words are a living transmission.

      Quotes from the book "The Garland of Guru's
      (Sri Ramana Maharshi's) Sayings
      will be posted at the First Ring group
      once per week or once per month.

      These will not be randomly selected quotes,
      they will be quotes with specific purposes.

      There will be four categories of quotes:

      #1. Turning Inward: The purpose of these teachings
      is to show the outgoing mind how to turn inward.

      #2. Awareness watching awareness:
      These quotes describe how to practice the Direct Path.

      #3. Encouragement: the Goal:
      These quotes from the book: The flood tide of Bliss,
      Sri Ramana Experience by Sri Muruganar
      describe the experience of Self-Realization
      or Liberation and serve the purpose of
      encouraging one to stay on the Direct Path.

      #4. Encouragement to Practice:
      These quotes encourage one's effort, zeal and
      determination to practice Self-abidance.

      The teachings that will be quoted
      at the First Ring group
      are the most clearly communicated,
      condensed summary of the teachings of the Direct Path
      that exist today.

      With orbits around the sun (the Self),
      the orbit closest to the sun is the first ring,
      and the most Direct Teachings that exist today,
      communicated most clearly,
      in the most concise manner are called:


      Most of the quotes here will be by Sri Muruganar,
      however there may be a few carefully selected quotes
      by other Sages also.

      Postings will begin here
      on November 5, 2003.

      To Join the First Ring group click:


      Then click �Join this group�.

      The second new group is called �DISCERN�.

      The following is a quote from the book
      "The Garland of Gurus (Sri Ramana Maharshi's) Sayings"
      by Sri Muruganar:

      1106. "The sage's pure mind which beholds

      as a mere witness the whole world

      is like a mirror which reflects the foolish thoughts

      of those who come before him,

      and these thoughts are then mistaken to be his."

      The purpose of the Discern group is to demonstrate
      how to discern which of the words spoken by
      Sri Ramana Maharshi
      are the reflections of the foolish thoughts
      of those who came before him
      and which are Sri Ramana's teachings.

      One talk at a time will be examined
      from the book "Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi"
      and through the process of commentary
      the method of discerning Sri Ramana's teachings,
      from the reflection of the foolish thoughts
      of the questioner, will be demonstrated.

      The benefits to this process will be many including:

      #1. Discerning the Direct Path from indirect paths.

      #2. Dispelling the myth that Sri Ramana encouraged
      methods other than or aids to Self-inquiry.

      #3. Discerning Sri Ramana's teaching from a reflection
      of the foolish thoughts of those who came before him.

      #4. Revealing how the ego, as a preservation strategy,

      selects the reflection of
      the foolish thoughts of those who came before him,
      instead of Sri Ramana's teachings.

      Postings will begin at this group on November 7, 2003.

      To Join the Discern Group click:


      then click �Join this group�.

      You can read an article about who Sri Muruganar
      and Sri Sadhu Om were and what their role is in
      clearly communicating the Teachings of
      Sri Ramana Maharshi, written by Michael James
      by clicking this link:


      For more information on the Direct Path click:


      Take care,

      with Love,

      Michael L.

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