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Re: [Meditation Society of America] ban karta from the group

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  • devianandi
    ... devi: duely noted ... bruceji:I am concerned for Karta, devi: if you are really concerned about karta start to council her instead of sitting on your
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 23, 2003
      > > to karta from bruce........
      > > > you being so far off indicates
      > > > that Bob is right and you
      > > > probably need to get off
      > > > whatever it is you're on asap.
      > > > Sardonic or not, you're coming
      > > > across as severely fragmented
      > > > and sort of tipsy (or in some
      > > > similar lurch-around-and-trip-
      > > > over-yourself state)!
      > > >
      >bruceji: I just want to go on record
      > as *not* advocating that
      > anyone be banned -- and I'm
      > certainly not offering Bob
      > unsolicited advice on what
      > to do for/about this forum.

      devi: duely noted
      bruceji:I am concerned for Karta,

      devi: if you are really concerned about karta start to council her
      instead of sitting on your hands, i'm concerned about myself first
      and then karta, whats best for me is to be away from her COMPULSIVE
      posting, and not only of her compulsive posting but her compulsive
      and completely DISRESPECTFUL attitude and behavior towards anyone and
      everyone she get a stick up her but about...she not only makes fun of
      personalities but she makes fun of teachings, others creative
      talents...the way people speak and dress and anything else thats
      available to make fun of,

      > but I'm frankly I'm rather
      > astonished

      devi: oh, do i have the ability to astonish you,,,thats a reaction
      isn't it...

      bruce:that Devi doesn't
      > see she's just the other
      > side of the same reactive
      > coin.
      devi: i see it, so you can stop being astonished now..

      bruceji:The two of you are
      > joined at the hip and some
      > corrective surgery seems
      > very much in order!

      devi: yep, get the scizzors

      bruceji: I shall
      > now wait quietly for the
      > mixed metaphor police to pay
      > me a brief visit. :-)

      devi: i think one would need a graduate degree in bruceji to get that
      bruceji: Btw, in its essence Sant Mat
      > is advaitic, it just has a
      > highly dualistic practice
      > framework -- like many other
      > traditions that (at least
      > theoretically) culminate in
      > non-dual understanding. I
      > count Sri Michael Turner
      > among my friends, and his
      > understanding of these
      > matters isn't essentially
      > different from my own despite
      > his background in Surat Shabd
      > Yoga and mine as a non-lineal
      > and unaffiliated realizer.
      devi: well, apologize to michael turner if i've offended him, ask him
      to take karta under his wing,,,she really needs help..

      you know, if there was a contest to see who could refrain from
      exhibiting nasty comments about anyone or anything, between me,
      karta and gangak, karta would be disqualified even before she started.
      i welcome making peaceful resolutions, and so does gangak, karta is
      incapable of keeping her big fat fucking negative crazy thoughtfilled
      and incoherent hoopla to herself. delete her until she learns to stop
      making negative comments to gangk and myself..in jeffs club she
      doesn't *dare* make a negative peep. thats all i have to say for today
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