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  • Sandeep
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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Fw: Re: Fw: Fw: What is ego ?


      > > ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
      > > Nothing is happening, the reactions
      > > neutralize the action and
      in the end it
      > > is if nothing is happening
      > Yes.
      > A drama of baloney,.............with many
      participants of that drama, tak=
      ing it very seriously and thus believing something is to be done with the ba=
      loney, with more baloney,...

      this deprogramming from a believe
      system is like the dark night of the

      a wakedown hell of being suspended
      in space without a ground to stand on

      my god! where to go from here?
      No where.
      You are neither the one who looks for a ground to stand upon.
      Neither are you the ground to be stood upon.
      Where could you ever go?

      > .....the rare few, witnessing in total indifference,....the baloneic spec=

      I am way to emotional: sanitized and
      amplified in me due to my love of music

      can't be undone

      > Whose anger, whose manipulations, whose screaming to delete somebody from=
       a phantom gathering,.........of what import are all these ingredients which=
       only serve to making the drama, ..............more dramatic baloney?

      I am very clumsy at that because my basic nature is trusting.
      Real trusting can never,...... not-trust.
      Irrespective of what is the consequence of that trusting.
      A trusting beingness is not something dependant on the situation or how the "other" relates to that trusting.
      That is why real trusting can never get hurt.
      For real trusting has no expectation even from it's own trusting beingness, let alone from an other.
      A madzhub is a living trustingness.
      Which does not change, whether due to a relating by an other, he lands up in a jail.
      And does not change when due to another relating, he is recognized as a madzhub, accoladed and released.

      > In some quiet moment, .........invite you to see what makes the factual a=
      loneness, whether in non-cyber world and the cyber world,......appear to be =

      yes, its different in the real world there are many choices for ignore and =
      pick your mirrors, but at this point as was highlighted for me by your frien=
      d Melody its FACEUP time

      kind of no escape karmatic mirroring nowhere to hide hell

      who knows what is the internet ¿
      A mirror within a mirror.

      I got connected to great
      love-vibrations as well


      > Is not aloneness an intrinsic fact,
      Karta,.......... irrespective of the =
      presence or absence of a relating "other"?

      yes, and we die alone too

      I was hoping to have someone there to 'save' me now thats out the window also
      The end of all hopes..............and the end of all hopelessness(s).........
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