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Re: Journal Entry-Eve

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  • eveneon
    ... them. ... body to ... feel ... you ... body ... to ... feel ... meditation. ... attention as ... fully ... stay ... relaxed ... and mental ... stop about
    Message 1 of 37 , Sep 23, 2002
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., "Tony" <tosime@l...> wrote:
      > Hi Eve,
      > Thanks so much for your journal entries. I look forward to reading
      > Permit me to comment...
      > You've noticed that to relax in meditation you simply signal your
      body to
      > relax and you start a relaxation process. As you go deeper into the
      > relaxation, you may notice you reach a point where you no longer
      > yourself relaxing. You body is so relaxed that it no longer sends
      > signals of deeper levels of relaxation.
      > As I use the inner sounds method, I find that I can still detect my
      > relaxing past the point of physical feedback. This has prompted me
      > continue signaling my body to relax even after I cannot physically
      > myself relaxing. I find that this way I can go deeper into my
      > There is one important point though. You have to sharpen your
      attention as
      > you become more relaxed. This sharpening of attention allows you to
      > concentrate on the meditation and keep the key muscles you need to
      > upright supporting you. Also it prevents your mind interpreting the
      > state as a signal to fall asleep.
      > The more I practice this the better I become at it and the deeper my
      > meditations. Also my mind chatter is much less controlling.
      > Have you tried this? My aim is to continue my physical relaxation
      and mental
      > focus for the whole duration of my session. Right now, I tend to
      stop about
      > two thirds the way through and flatten out.
      > ...Tony

      Hi Tony,
      Thanks for your comments. I don't know if I sharpen my attention as
      my body relaxes. I mean, I never noticed it before, so I guess I
      probally don't. But I will try it. Although I have been meditating
      for a while, I feel like I am still very much a beginner. I still
      have a wandering mind when I am trying to meditate, it's just a
      matter of how long it is before I notice and bring myself back.
      Thank you for your suggestions and for posting your journals. I
      enjoy reading them and often find them helpful with my own
    • Tony
      Hi Eve, The sound you can hear comes up not only during meditation but at any time you become present enough to listen to yourself. I have found I have up to
      Message 37 of 37 , Nov 15, 2002
        Hi Eve,

        The sound you can hear comes up not only during meditation but at any time
        you become present enough to "listen" to yourself.

        I have found I have up to 5 or more different voices depending on the
        situation and my frame of mind. My typical voice is a logical, reasoning
        type of person - a bit like a college professor I think! I sometimes have
        the voice of child-like astonishment. A very long time ago (over 25 years) I
        was very surprised to hear a dark, mysterious, frightening voice telling me
        to stop playing mind games and go to sleep.

        As you get to know your different voices you get a better picture of your
        frame of mind at the time. The next stage might involve switching voices
        when you need a different way of looking at a situation. A further stage
        still might be inventing a new voice to achieve a desired effect. But maybe
        that is going too far in the wrong direction. Keeping it simple might be a
        better approach. If it happens we notice a change in voice at any time we
        can simply take that into account.

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