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Dynamic Consciousness

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    All happening are only in body consciousness. Personalities only exist in body consciousness. The usual knowledge is concerned only with the body image. You
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2003
      All happening are only in body consciousness. Personalities only
      exist in body consciousness. The usual knowledge is concerned only
      with the body image. You are not the body, you are the
      consciousness. There is no imprint of personality; it is the
      manifest consciousness, which is functioning. This dynamic,
      manifest consciousness is always in a fluid state. What will happen
      no one can say.

      This dynamic consciousness does not have any concept that
      something good or bad is going to happen to it; it is just
      happening. No one is doing it.

      The message "I Am" is there. The mind-flow is also there; it
      is not a personality, it is the consciousness. The very idea that
      you are the body is ridiculous; the consciousness is experiencing
      its manifestation. A rare being will realize this. The worldly
      life of a jnani means the total functioning of consciousness.
      Normally, a person who is always thinking of others as personalities
      will not think of others simply as a function in consciousness. The
      play of the consciousness will not come down to an individual
      level. It is quite different, it is manifestation only.

      Are you not a disciple of a great Sage? How many years have
      you been going to him?

      Q: For seven or eight years.

      M: Then why did you come here?

      Q: I wanted to have you Darshan, I wanted to meet you.

      M: When you are stabilized in your own self then there is no
      otherness, you are everything. If you abide in your Self you are
      like space and there is no duality left. You are as expansive and
      as subtle as space, and that is liberation. You are not conditioned
      by any name or form. If you are like space, what is the point of
      going elsewhere? The space which is here is also everywhere else.
      Spirituality is not a child's play. My sentences will tear to
      pieces the doubts of anyone who listens to them.

      First of all, you abide in your own Self and transcend it, and
      in transcending, you will realize your Ultimate. The words
      emanating here are not borrowed knowledge, which is available in
      scriptures and other books; this is from direct experience.
      Nirupana means the normal practice of these professional spiritual
      people; they will be expounding knowledge from various books.

      You must thoroughly understand what you are, or what you could
      be when nothing is. When nothing is, you still are. What is that
      you? It is all one and when everything is, still you are; that is
      understandable, buy when nothing is, how can I be?

      June 21, 1981

      Maharaj: Any image you have of yourself is not true. True
      knowledge is to abide in your own Self. Try to understand all this
      knowledge, which you are now gathering. The so-called knowledge,
      which you are now gathering. The so-called knowledge you get
      elsewhere talks only about ignorance; it cannot talk about the Self,
      true knowledge. All of what is pursued by the mind it is not true
      knowledge. True knowledge cannot be understood easily. If I had
      the experience " I Am" before, would I care to enter the womb of my
      mother? Prior to entering the womb I did not know myself, there was
      no knowledge of "I Amness" All so-called knowledge is tainted by
      words, which is only ignorance. You, the Absolute, watch the waking
      state, you know the consciousness, you know the sleeping state;
      therefore, you are not that.

      Among the millions of people who have come and gone, where am I
      counted among them? There is not individuality connected with any
      of those forms, but I have always been, and I am, the total
      functioning. Without me the functioning cannot take place. I am
      the total functioning every moment, million of years ago or now.

      In spite of my clearly understanding the foregoing, the bodily
      suffering has to be undergone because of the consciousness. The
      name of the consciousness is suffering itself. The life of
      suffering is nearly over. Whatever this principle is, together with
      the body and consciousness, it is experiencing all the sufferings
      and knows itself that it is worth million of dollars, like a keg of

      This principle, which has understood and realized what the suffering
      and the consciousness are, is worth millions. I do not follow the
      spirituality of the masses. In this space spirituality of the
      common type will not be doled out to you. That Ultimate you can
      never be lost; what ever you have lost, you have lost only the
      words. That Ultimate you knows or feels "I Am" without words.
      Through this; I AM" comes the world knowledge. You are not in
      isolation; you are part and parcel of the world knowledge.

      Jivatman is the one who identifies with the body-mind as an
      individual separate from the world. The Atman is only beingness, or
      the consciousness, which is the world. The Ultimate principle,
      which knows this beingness, cannot be named at all. It cannot be
      approached or conditioned by any words. That is the Ultimate state.

      I do not want meek and humble disciples, I want them to be
      powerful as I am. I do not make disciples, I make Gurus.

      I want you to jump in the test tube in the process of this
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