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Re: psychology

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  • Era
    hi Rich, this sounds different please elaborate. ... Karta
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2003
      hi Rich,

      this sounds different

      please elaborate.

      > The Eastern world has offered much in the line of knowledge of
      > spiritual phenomena, but I think the Western world has offered the
      > scientific method, which is no less significant. Whereas
      > eastern spiritual types once practiced elaborate rituals to achieve
      > altered states of consciousness, western types have correctly named as
      > "hypnotism". What was once called "divine forces within" is now
      > called the "subconscious mind". The great triumph us western science
      > in terms of spiritual practice, I believe, is the field of psychology
      > (at least theoretically). Psychology has succeeded in naming and
      > labelling phenomena which once only belonged to the realm of the
      > mysterious and mystical. If we could only figure out how to combine
      > these two worlds...the implications are staggering.

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