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Timely Words on many levels

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  • manjusrilotus
    These excerpts are taken from Love Without End: Jesus Speaks. these are the words of Christ from one womans personal encounter : Control is a play for
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
      These excerpts are taken from Love Without End: Jesus Speaks.

      these are the words of Christ from one womans personal
      encounter :

      Control is a play for achieving dominance within a dualistic
      situation. When people are operating within polarities, control is
      what they use to reinforce their preferred position. What makes it
      even worse is that after control is established, the polarities will
      be maintained in order to perpetuate the control ...

      Your mind prefers to structure your involvement with reality and
      justify that obsession, it wants to pre-guess and predetermine
      what life represents. The structural models which the mind
      projects then become the great trap. Such formulas condition
      your perceptions to honor their designs as *sacred* and even
      more basic than *Innocent Reality* that is the lie.

      Mind is the meeting ground of structure and intelligence. If your
      intelligence were limited to the barriers and mortality of structure,
      then you potential to have a transcendent comprehension of the
      universe would be hopelessly impossible.

      Innocent perception is the great revealer.

      You don't need these mental formulas through which to view life
      or to explain what you are doing . Just be here and perceive.
      Relax and just Be.

      Because study is the pursuit of the mind , and the mind is
      endlessly polarized. Therefore, when the mind pursues the
      subject of good and evil there is no escaping duality. It will only
      use its perceptions to judge and to condemn. The Heart already
      knows the paths to right living. The Heart does not need to study
      a subject that is native to it . The mind however, can never know
      true goodness.

      The Real basis for goodness is LOVE, then honoring life
      through Innocent Perception and Compassionate Service,
      according to ones purpose. You cannot intellectually
      comprehend the subject of good and evil. It only falls into place
      only when you are being the Love that you Are.. No amount of
      good deeds can compensate for an inadequacy of Love. It is
      Love which the spirit cherishes, and the spirit will not be cheated
      from that Love... LOVE IS ABOVE ETHICS and always will be.
      Otherwise how could there be GRACE? TRUE ETHICS ARE

      Conscience is native to your heart. What you call *guilt* is a
      built-in alarm system which signals your departures from the
      heart. A man who follows his heart will never feel guilt, even if he
      steps a little outside the bounds of what society deems proper.
      But on the other hand, a man who livesw only in his mind will
      bear a secret guilt , even if he tries logically to do the right thing.
      There will be no inner satisfaction in it, and so he will soon lose
      his ability to know what the right thing is . Eventually he will
      cease trying , leaving hidden guilt which imbeds as a recurring
      distress. He may spend fortunes on therapy or alcohol to
      anesthetize or remove it. But the eventual result is that a
      mind-dominated person will destroy his Immune System . This
      is the end product of a mind-dominated world. But you can
      reverse it very simply with total Grace.......

      How ?

      By following your Heart......

      SG: One more quick writing on the root of all evil :

      Greed is the root of all evil ..... In the presence of Greed, people
      go to extremes, and in the presence of extremes, the idea of
      scarcity is invented. When scarcity is invented, fear sprouts up
      like weeds in a garden . *** Every negative emotion known to
      man is born from Fear .......****
      Fear is the root of all destructive emotion and action.
      Fear abounds in the absence of Love, and hatred is fear of Love
      itself. Greed is an obsessive desire, which attempts to nourish
      and supply the needs of life without Love ..... You might say
      Greed is an attempt to counterfeit and subvert the power of Love.
      This is why it is the root of all evil....... And it is not limited to
      material possessions or money...... There can be Greed for
      attention, influence, fame , education, therapy, dependency, even
      misery....... anything which can establish bonds of Attachment
      without Love .

      Without Love , a man has lost all basis for command. The best
      he can hope for is *control*, but that requires leverage..... and
      lot's of it ........

      I have said before the meek shall inherit the earth. But what you
      need to know is that this instruction has also received a poor
      translation, for in your language meek implies humility and
      servitude. This is not what I meant. The word Moderate would
      more accurately convey my message.........

      SG: Hope these passages inspire some recognition of letting
      go and simply Loving ........ Christ awareness is a center of
      transparent love rather than control and dominance....... it gives
      what is best for this Moment without regard as to how others will
      perceive you ......... it gives from the level of Heart versus mental
      holdings and constructs.........

      Blessings and Infinite Love
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