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  • Onniko
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    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 30, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "richmc2003"
      <rcarter@e...> wrote:
      > Okay, I'm up late at night and I'm having a mental conundrum and
      > sleep. I'm thinking about my career goals and how it relates to
      > spiritual practice, and how my interpersonal conflicts relate to
      > spiritual practice, and how all of this ties into my quest for
      > happiness. I was having a train of thought and I think I've come
      > with a perfect plan of attack on the quest for...oh I don't
      > know...whatever the heck we're all questing for. I know I've got
      > long way to go in my search for wisdom and I've seen that there
      > people in this group who are certainly wiser than I. But
      > of my deficiencies, I'm a seeker just like anyone else, so I don't
      > the harm in throwing my two cents in just to see how other people
      > react. I know I'm still very self-centered but I am reaching out
      > others which I guess is a good first step. Okay, so back to the
      > point of this message. I was laying in bed..and I'm all wound up
      > because somebody in my immediate sphere of experience said
      > to tick me off this evening. I won't go into any details because
      > not very important. I'll let the reader fill in the blank on that
      > one. But there I was in bed because of it, going through a big
      > introspective mental churning on the nature of conflict,
      > spiritual development, etc., like I said above. And that led to
      > narrowing enlightenment down to an equation. I think now I've
      > out that there are two major components that go into the quest.
      > sister practices, if you will. Both equally important. One of
      > practices is the thing that you do when you go hide in a cave in
      > Himalayas to find your brain in the universe, and all that good
      > It sounds funny but this is just as important as anything else,
      > because here we're talking about pure awareness; the level of
      > mindfulness that you are able to bear upon your existence. Very
      > important stuff. But then there is the other practice, and this
      one I
      > am not as fond of, but I see how it is necessary nonetheless.
      > how well you are able to get along in this crazy assinine world of
      > ordinary people. We need a technical sounding name for it, so
      > call it social success. Everyone here has probably read the old
      > zen parable about the guy who went into a cave for many years and
      > achieved perfect samadhi, but immediately lost it as soon as he
      > the cave and got jumped by a bunch of drunks. Apparently, the
      > is that how well you deal with conflict is just as big of an
      > of how well you are doing as is any samadhi absorption. So my
      > equation would go something as follows: pure awareness + social
      > success = enlightenment, to add my two cents to centuries of
      > Some people might rephrase this equation as: samadhi + prajna
      wisdom =
      > enlightenment, whatever floats your boat. But my big problem is
      > question of stupid little everyday conflicts that interfere with
      > attainment of mental peace you might have. How can you possibly
      > achieve anything spiritually if you have to live in this crazy
      > How do you deal with conflict? Avoid it? Repress it? Run away
      > it? Deny it? Do nothing and hope that it blows over? Which of
      > two sister practices should a beginner such as myself focus on.
      > Should I go find a nice cozy cave first, or should I try to grow
      up a
      > little and acquire basic people skills first? Can I do both
      > simultaneously? What if my current dharma has absolutely nothing
      > do with all of this spiritual junk? What if my lot in this
      > incarnation is only to learn how to get my in this boring mundane
      > of dragging myself out of bed every day to face another dreary
      > And to try to focus on higher spiritual things right now would be
      > precisely the wrong thing for me to be doing? That is just an
      > thought. If that is my current dharma, then I don't know if I can
      > face that dharma. Oh well, I don't know how to conclude this
      > musing of mine so I'll conclude it abruptly. I will welcome any
      > comments, complaints, gripes, criticisms that anyone would like to
      > throw at me. Bye for now.

      I enjoyed reading that, Rich. Something you might find helpful when
      you go to bed at night with "stuff" still buzzing around is to
      actually look in a different part of your mental screen. You'll
      notice that when you're either talking in your head or daydreaming,
      your attention seems to be kind of blindly off and in and up one
      side. If you grab it and put it more to the front and just watch
      instead of generate what your mind does, you'll slow it right down.
      Just watching calmly is not so far from suspending it and in that,
      you'll feel your own spiritual presence and everything will be fine.
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