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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Gene reveals Sarojini's Hips... film at 11

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  • Sarojini
    Dear Gene: The Name Change in question, Gene, is from Sarojini to Sarojini of the Two Breaths or Sarojini Two Breaths . Now, this time don t let out the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27 9:38 PM
      Dear Gene:
              The Name Change in question, Gene, is from "Sarojini"  to "Sarojini of the Two Breaths" or "Sarojini Two Breaths".
          Now, this time don't let out the news of the name change like you did about the teflon hip-ball joints. (Well, I guess I already did let that news out, so forget that.) 
          And, of course, you did mention the Rubber Spine to everyone, didn't you?  Once again, Gene, you have drastically cut down my chances of success in the Yogini of the Year competition.    
           And if you think for one moment that I am going to share with you whether the two breaths are out or in or whatever, you are sadly mistaken.  Mum's the word on that.  (Or is it OM?) 
          You see, I'm completely frazzeled now that I realize by to-morrow, or at the latest Monday, everyone in existence, or at least in Yoga, will have their teflon hip-ball joints and your patented Rubber Spine.
              All I can say now, Gene, is that you had better finish the work on the Samadi-Maker quickly because I am just too overwrought to get "There" on my own now, with all the added stress.
                                                  Peace and Love,
                                                      Sarojini Two Breaths
          It was really very, very difficult to write this E-Mail as I am, as you might suspect, between breaths one and two.  (Loss of oxygen to the brain etc.) 
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      Sent: Sunday, September 28, 2003 12:55 AM
      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Gene reveals Sarojini's Hips... film at 11

      > "Sarojini" <Yoga@w...> wrote:

      > Dear Gene:
      >         You wrote:
      >     I wonder if the competition will get so 'hot',
      > that some competitors will secretly have installed
      > teflon hip-ball joints, with greater range than the organic
      > ones...
      >     You caught me, Gene!  How did you know I had that "teflon hip-ball joints"
      sugery arranged already?  I figure that with those special joints and only 2 breaths a
      day, I will win that Yogi Challange so easily.  (But did you have to share the secret of
      the "teflon hip-ball joints" with everyone, Gene?  By spreading the news of these
      joints, you realize that you have cut down my chances of great Yogini
      > success greatly. I'll forgive you this time, Gene, but don't let the cat out of the bag
      again! :-)
      >                                                 Peace and Love Always,
      >                                             Sarojini of the only 2 breaths
      >                                       Note* Official Name change here.

      Hi Sarojini...

      Name change?

      The teflon hip-joints are neat, but
      can't compare to my patented
      Rubber Spine!

      Not to mention my latest work
      in progress... the Samadi-Meter!

      Now... about those two breaths...

      Are they one inbreath and one outbreath,
      two outbreaths, or two inbreaths?

      And what is the duration of each breath? 60 years?

      In Full Locust...

      ==Gene Poole==

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