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Sound map of the inner OM

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    (based upon the Sant tradition;      depicted in Twitchell s first books on Eckankar): 1. Sahasra dal Kanwal; sounds--bell and conch 2. Brahm Lok
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2003
      (based upon the Sant tradition;
           depicted in Twitchell's first books on Eckankar):

      1. Sahasra dal Kanwal; sounds--bell
      and conch

      2. Brahm Lok (Trikuti); sounds--big drum (thunder)

      3. Daswan Dwar; sounds--violins (sarangi)

      4. Bhanwar Gupha; sounds--flute

      5. Sach Khand; sounds--vina (bagpipe)

      6. Alakh Lok*

      7. Agam Lok*

      8. Anami Lok (Sugmad)*
      * Twitchell does not give the exact
      sounds of the higher regions above
      Sach Khand in this particular cosmology,
      nor does Sant Mat, Radhasoami, or Ruhani

      1. Elam (Physical); sounds--thunder

      2. Sat Kanwal Anda (Astral); sounds--roar of the sea

      3. Maha-Kal/Par Brahm (Causal); sounds--tinkle of bells

      4. Brahmanda Brahm (Mental); sounds-
      -running water

      5. Sat Nam (Soul); sounds--single note
      of flute

      6. Alakh Lok; sounds--heavy wind

      7. Alaya Lok; sounds--deep humming

      8. Hukikat Lok; sounds--thousand violins

      9. Agam Lok; sounds--music of woodwinds

      10. Anami Lok; sounds--whirlpool

      11. Sugmad Lok; sounds--music of universe

      12. Sugmad/Living Reality; sounds--music
      of God

      The most noticeable difference in the
      two cosmologies is in the location of
      the various sounds (known in
      Radhasoami as shabd dhuns). Note that
      in the first "eight plane" cosmology
      the sound of the flute is heard on the
      "fourth" plane (Bhanwar gupha), one
      region below Sach Khand (the eternal
      "soul" realm), whereas in the "twelve
      plane" chart, the sound of the flute
      is now heard on the  "fifth" plane
      (Sat  Nam;  the  "soul"  region). This
      contradiction, while perhaps not
      noteworthy in any other spiritual
      tradition, is crucial in Shabd yoga,
      where the whole essence of the path
      is based upon the internal hearing
      of the "sound current" or "audible life
      stream." The knowledge of which
      sounds to listen to and which to
      discard is an extremely important part
      of the teachings. Other variances in
      the cosmologies include:    

               1. The sound of the thunder
      which was heard in Trikuti (causal 
      realm) in the original Sant Mat
      cosmology is now according to the
      "twelve plane" chart heard in the physical
      region (Elam).

                2. The tinkle of bells which
      was originally heard up to and through
      the first plane (Sahasra dal Kanwal)
      is now heard in the third region (MahaKal-Par-Brahm).

                3. Par Brahm which used to
      be in Daswan Dwar (i.e., beyond mind
      and matter) is now in the causal
      realm--a region which was previously in Trikuti (the home of the mind).

           The preceding comparisons are
      important in understanding that,
      although Twitchell employed basic Sant
      Mat concepts in the beginning of his
      group, the teachings themselves have undergone an evolution in Eckankar


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