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Re: one minute vacations from the Quiet American

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  • devianandi
    ... is ... wait ... different ... the ... is ... moving ... of ... vacation, ... snoring ... vacation ... devi: its times like these that i wish i had a sound
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 22 9:44 AM
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Nina"
      <murrkis@y...> wrote:
      > http://www.quietamerican.org/vacation.html
      > In listening to numerous soundclips from this site, I am amazed by
      > the collector's diligence. Intentionally or not, what he has done
      > presented a meditation on sound.
      > It is one soundclip after another, with a rhythm of selection, a
      > to download, a listening, and an ending. Soundclips arising and
      > diminishing.
      > We assume we are distinct from the sounds he has gathered - I have
      > not been to Nepal and know nothing of the origin of those sounds.
      > However, while listening to deep sea gurgling noises from an
      > irrigation cistern in Nepal, it struck me that it is not so
      > from the chatter, clicks and electronic hums of my workplace, or
      > howl of the damp wind around the corner of the this tower, or the
      > organic series of pops of window glass expanding and contracting
      > between the difference of interior and exterior temperature.
      > In the listening, I become that sound, and all else drops away. It
      > quite a phenom, and part of the reason why I think his site is such
      > genius. In listening to those clips, it is quite possible to take a
      > vacation, a vacation from one's present place, from one's current
      > dilemma, from the preoccupation of nearly every moment. One is
      > from an incessant internal chatter, to listen to a different sort
      > chatter, a chatter which is neutral.
      > Now, what if, instead of requiring a soundclip to take that
      > one could simply turn one's perspective in such a way that the
      > incessant internal soundtrack were a novelty, something worthy
      > of 'listening to' in the neutral way one might listen to yaks
      > on the grassy slopes of some Nepalese mountainside? It is a
      > you can take anytime, anywhere. Portable downtime.
      > Nina

      devi: its times like these that i wish i had a sound card...and/or a
      new computer...(telling herself in the background, no no devi wanting
      is a bad thing) yaks snoring on the grassy slopes, i think i'll
      stick with krishna chants...thanks for the laugh...i;m reminded
      about the time i asked my therapist (yes, occasionally i have had
      therapy) to hypnotize me to stop smoking and she had me visualize a
      beautiful place in the redwoods to vacation at..
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