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Re: Clearing the Mind

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    ... Hi, This is one of the most common experiences that meditators have. And one of the most common techniques to do relative to it can be found on our site in
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      > I've had difficulty clearing my mind. I start making these little
      > comments, their not obvious, its almost like they seem distant, but
      > I can't stop them. How can I get rid of this and just clear my mind?
      This is one of the most common experiences that meditators have. And
      one of the most common techniques to do relative to it can be found on
      our site in the Archives section
      It's title is the Blank Screen Meditation. To save you a click, here
      it is. I hope it will be beneficial to you.

      Reality can only take place now. Now is the only time that things can
      really be experienced. And yet we spend virtually all of our time
      rehashing the past or fantasizing about the future. We falsely think
      that we are experiencing our life as it takes place and that we
      understand what is real about our lives. Our senses present obstacles
      to understanding reality because of the fact that we are gathering our
      input through them and they are faulty mechanisms that operate a
      little too late and without enough precision. What we know of our
      environment is filtered through eyes that don't see as keenly as a
      hawk, ears that can't hear as well as a bat, noses and tongues that
      aren't as sensitive as a dog's and skin that is less sensitive to
      touch than a lizard. Our senses also don't work now. For instance,
      what you are reading now, you're not seeing now, but rather a split
      second late. It takes time for the light from the object you are
      perceiving to get to your eye, go through your lens to the retina,
      have the energy transferred to your optic nerve and finally be routed
      to your brain for analyzation. All of our senses operate slower than
      now and thus don't relay reality to us. Similarly, our minds aren't
      functioning now either. Our mental processes take time and are limited
      by subjective, subconscious influences continually.

      Think about how limited our sense of sight is compared to an atomic
      electron microscope and the Hubble telescope. While you can't
      physically see the infinite microcosm or macrocosm of the universe,
      you can envision them in your minds eye. Meditation is the mechanism
      that allows an inner control that makes this possible.

      Your inner Witness is what is capable of observing your minds
      creations. It is always here, now. Your senses operate when you are
      awake, and you react slave-like to their input. Your mind alone is in
      operation when you dream. Either awake or dreaming, we are limited,
      enslaved, and unreal. Meditation offers us the opportunity to
      experience Pure Consciousness that is not hampered by human
      limitations sensually or mentally and is capable of roaming the entire
      universe now. By stopping our mind and ceasing to allow it to take us
      from one unreality to another, we can experience true Reality.

      One type of meditation that deals with clearing out the unreal from
      our consciousness is the Blank Screen technique.

      Sit in a comfortable, quiet place, relax your body, close your eyes
      and simply be aware of your breath going in and out. No commenting, no
      judging, no comparing, just peacefully watch your breath. When you
      feel comfortable, place your attention on your minds-eye and watch
      what flows by. Just Witness -- do not react or analyze in any way. If
      you notice your mind chattering or your body twitching or your
      emotions stirring, do not chastise yourself -- simply say, "Oh, well",
      and go back to just observing. Your aim is to make your minds eye a
      blank screen. You can do this by either of two methods: By being
      patient and simply watching your minds eye nonreactively. It will soon
      tire and your mind will be clean, clear, and open to receive the
      present and with it, Reality which comes from and always contains
      Truth, Knowledge, and Bliss. The other method is to "fire" a weapon at
      the images that pop up in your minds eye. As something appears, send
      an energy bolt or a cannon ball or lightning, or whatever appeals to
      you at it, as if it was a target on a shooting range. Annihilate it
      and continue to shoot at whatever you see until the screen within is
      blank. Both of these techniques will benefit you in several ways: you
      will become familiar with what lies dormant in your subconscious and
      tends to habitually pop up. You will learn what is immediately "on
      your mind" and you will become aware of how you are reacting
      physically, mentally, and emotionally. This familiarity will lead to
      liberation from slave-like reactivity that drains you by making you
      squander energy fidgeting, emoting, and mentally chattering that is
      inappropriate, unreal, and unnecessary.

      While you are doing this meditation, you are acting, not simply
      slave-like reacting, and getting familiar with that which can control
      your mind, emotions, and body -- your Witness. This technique, like
      all meditations, takes place now and is done consciously and the more
      that we are experiencing now consciously, the more we are actually
      living life as it takes place. Try it -- you'll like it, and live
      happily ever after.
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