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  • spjainemba03
    I walked into my guru s place (I call him AIYYA which in Tamil language is a title of respect), entered his room, left my application for ISB (Indian School of
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2003
      I walked into my guru's place (I call him AIYYA which in Tamil
      language is a title of respect), entered his room, left my
      application for ISB (Indian School of Business) MBA on his table and
      walked out. The next day I entered, I noticed that the ISB package
      was kept on top of the dustboxes!! He went in, picked it up and gave
      it to me.

      I was very upset. I knew 100% that I needed an MBA for sure and
      wanted to do it in a top b-school. From Harvard to Wharton to Chicago
      GSB in Singapore to IIMs in India, I did an extensive research. CAT
      exams demanded 6 months and GMAT looked better. I was impressed with
      ISB. I didn't have an open mind and was hell-bent on ISB. And I
      wanted aiyya to permit me. I was upset with him for this dustbox
      treatment. And he reflected my thoughts. First day he said "ok you
      should do it. Do it boldly etc. etc". Next day he said "you will
      spend a lot of money. What if you don't get a placement". Third day
      he said "you will go there and u will have a bad time". Fourth day he
      scolded someone opposite to me with two of thiruvalluvar's thirukural
      sayings for not thinking enough and I felt it was destined for me.
      When I wrote my GMAT exam, he said "accept what comes". When he says
      so, one can know that there will be no impressive result out of that
      endeavor. And as days went by, I understood that he was blocking it.
      Time passed. Amazingly, I didn't even get an interview in ISB! I was
      completely surprised and taken aback by that. Nature had so clearly
      told me that I wasn't destined for ISB.

      "Please tell me what is destined for me. I want to do an MBA." I
      furiously begged aiyya. Quizzically he asked "Don't you SEE that
      there is something better waiting just for you?" SP Jain was nowhere
      in radar at that time..i did not know anything abt the exec. MBA that
      had just started at SP Jain. I said "no I don't see it". And he kept
      his face long and said "oh dear. How sad. You don't see. Yes yes
      awareness not yet fully manifested. Unable to see. It is ok".

      Meanwhile, I had just picked up the habit of reading economic times
      newspaper and I saw the SP Jain MBA ad. I went to him and asked if I
      can apply. To take vengeance, I decided to be as negative as
      possible. I raised all points abt sp jain that I thought will give
      him a negative impression.

      "It costs a huge 2.5 lacs". - Came the reply "Oh these days good
      education cannot be got cheap. It is ok"

      "But I have to skip office 9 days in 3 months" – Tell your company.
      They will adjust. It is only 5 working days every 3 months.

      "I have to go to Mumbai" – flight is there. Easy to go.

      Then with pride I said "ok since you say ok I will apply". Finally I
      was happy that we agreed on something in life. I was fully convinced
      that he was supportive.

      My company liked the emba model of "what for you and what for your
      organization". With a lot of support from everyone, I applied and
      after I got the admission, I went to aiyya and informed about it. He
      was furious "what you got admission in ISB and you came to ask for my
      permission. Don't go there. It is bad for you". But by this time I
      understood the whole drama. I calmly said "no aiyya. It is the one I
      applied with your permission. Spjain". He smiled and said "oh good
      good that one. Go. You will like it".

      Our CTO visited aiyya a week after that and mentioned to aiyya that I
      got into MBA. For that, aiyya had remarked "I am always blessing and
      protecting him. How can he not get what he wants?". Then suddenly the
      sentence came before me...

      Don't you SEE that there is something better waiting just for you?"

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