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Enlightening Post on NonDuality Group

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  • medit8ionsociety
    There was a question about what it would be like to be newly enlightened on the ever interesting Nonduality Group. Here s the enlightening answer given by
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 29, 2003
      There was a question about what it would be like to be
      "newly enlightened" on the ever interesting Nonduality
      Group. Here's the enlightening answer given by their
      Wizard behind the curtain, Gene Poole. Enjoy!
      Here is the easy shortcut answer: (easy for me to give)

      If you were newly 'enlightened', you would
      get a very strong impression that the world
      is a very different place, than you had known

      There is now a very powerful ability to
      'negotiate' with your 'host'; you discover
      that every act you 'do' does initiate an
      outward-ramifying field of force, which
      produces an immediate 'feedback' with
      no delay AT ALL. You know that the entire
      universe is ALIVE, but that the most
      important and rewarding aspect of the
      universe to negotiate with is usually

      You learn quickly to easily differentiate
      between the 'cosmic feedback' and the
      learned, idiosyncratic stuff that is of the
      'person'. So it is possible to communicate
      with the living universe by communicating
      'with' a person. The person you are interacting
      with does not necessarily know what you are
      experiencing, and you will not necessarily
      tell them. You will practice this until you
      are 'natively proficient'.

      The universe does not need to be pushed,
      and it does not LIKE to be pushed. Basically,
      it will respect you just to the degree that you
      respect it.

      It is possible for you to find peace (ha ha... lets
      narrow that down!) or a very neutral and quiet
      place 'within yourself'. If you do, the whole universe
      will become just that quiet and 'peaceful'.

      You understand that the universe does NOT play
      favorites. You are one of many 'units', and it is
      your 'place' (not pushing!) to simply wait to be
      contacted by an intelligence agent of the living
      universe. On the other hand, you are that agent.

      Because the entire universe is alive, you may
      be deeply surprised to find that inanimate objects
      can be animated, and made to display themselves
      to you in unusual ways. The living universe will
      give you as much as you can take; but you also realize,
      that if you have blockages and ignorance, that
      you must submit yourself to the universe's rapid
      development forces. This is like a very compressed
      course in 'how things work', and if you learn, you
      will be spared many failures-by-experiment.

      Consciousness will be known as a mutable 'force'
      or energy, which can be dense, light, empty, dry,
      moist, and/or 'still' and 'moving'. You will learn how
      to manipulate your local atmosphere (the energy of
      the space around you), to correct or take advantage
      of these properties of consciousness.

      Now... as to your many questions about social
      propriety (because that is what your issue is),
      remember that you know that everything in every
      moment is a 'negotiation'. How you 'hold yourself'
      (including letting go) is a 'signal' to the living
      universe and the feedback is immediate and can
      be felt... profoundly so.

      So 'propriety' is AWAYS a matter of negotiation;
      there are few relationships (potentials of interaction)
      that can be stated as 'law'. What you 'do' will come
      back to you, and you are not confused about this;
      it is simply the way things are. You negotiate not with
      'people' but with the cosmos; and the feedback of the
      cosmos can express through others. But it always
      expresses 'in your self' as a presence that is 'pro' or
      'con' to whatever impulse you are tempted to enact.

      Finally, you realize that the true 'balance of nature'
      expresses itself 'geometrically'; that is, given the
      forms of the moment, things either fit or not. You
      know that in the next moment, what fit before will
      not now, and vice versa. You appreciate the great
      beauty of the flow of continual change, and you
      accept your own changing nature as that.

      You see clearly that the universe is itself 'evolving'
      as an 'entity'; and that it is quite busy, but not too
      busy to share itself with you. You learn by its
      example; you learn to emulate the ways of the
      universe. You may be shocked to actually see
      that you are the universe.

      You finally (and suddenly) understand that the
      universe expresses itself everywhere, always;
      and you finally 'get' why nobody could succeed
      in pushing around the David Carradine character
      (Cain?) in the TV series 'Kung Fu'. You see how the
      principle of negotiation in ALWAYS enforced; there
      are no exceptions. Selfish 'doings' do not 'fit' and
      the 'clash' will reverberate within you, as evidence
      of error.

      On the other hand... it is possible (you see) to
      simply live in simple harmony, you as your own
      nature, in the living universe with its nature. There
      are no mysteries, because the ongoing way of Being
      is a harmonious flow, which relieves you of 'having to
      figure it out'. There is little if any reward offered for
      being or having a 'personality'.

      Somewhere along the way, if you learn from the
      experiences that are offered to you, you may gain
      'administrative privileges'. You may be called upon
      from time to time to perform important acts of
      arbitration in certain 'hot spots' that can arise,
      due to the ongoing theme of 'evolution' (learning
      the effects of ignorance).

      You will learn what it feels like to be 'wrong'; and
      that it usually feels like nothing at all to be 'right'
      (right is "not wrong", not right). Peace is your
      'reward' for staying in balance, and every thought,
      every impulse you have, creates immediate and
      profound 'feedback' that you feel. You discover that
      it is quite easy to 'stay on the path', because if you
      stray a bit to either side, you feel the burn.

      Awareness is not a matter of figuring it out, or
      of interpretation; it is an ongoing negotiation,
      which if allowed, can be so subtle as to draw
      you into its very heart...

      ==Gene Poole==
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