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  • satkartar7
    ... yes, thank you, I would love to read more from him it is fascinating how each one of us believe system born I am having problem now with the nobody home
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 28, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Maria Louisa wrote in response to a question about her linage:
      > >
      > > Wow! Karta, what a request.
      > > I don't know if I consider myself coming from a lineage, since my
      > > seeking has been long and wide. But I will suite to the lineage of
      > > my teacher, Sri Ratan Lal. I think his approach is wonderful.
      > > These are some words of him, although he speaks english, i took them
      > > from a book in spanish and made the traduction, so maybe the
      > > resulting synthaxis and spelling isn't the best, but what matters is
      > > the content.
      > >
      > > " To some people, surrenderness may seem easier because they believe
      > > that once they have said "I surrender" to the Lord, they are free to
      > > do whatever pleases them. That is not surrenderness. True
      > > surrenderness is to abandon the ego, being completely free from
      > > preferences and aversions, and admitting our own uncapability and
      > > our dependence to a superior power. Extintion of the ego brings with
      > > it a state identical to wisdom (Jnana).
      > >
      > > Consciousness is not an object to be theorized about. The only
      > > language Self knows is the language of silence. It can only be felt
      > > when mind is free from thoughts and it's attention is directed to
      > > the source. At the beginning, concentration is required to stick to
      > > only one thought. At last, even that thought disappears. What is
      > > left then? The answer is Self-Consciousness. That is the Truth.
      > >
      > > Nobody doubts about its own existence. To know who we are there
      > > isn't any need of external confirmation. The continuity of our self
      > > is the essence of our nature. That is the Ultimate Truth. Descartes,
      > > the french philosopher creator of modern phylosophy, exclaimed in
      > > his famous quote: 'I think, then I am'. Truth is the contrary: 'I
      > > am, then I think'. The 'I' thought, which in itself is only a
      > > thought, is there only thanks to the existence of Consciousness.
      > > There is nothing appart from Consciousness. This can be called
      > > Supreme Power. To realize this fact, mind shall be in silence. Truth
      > > is not reached by conceptualizing new theories about what is
      > > relatively real. To be in the state of the Self goes beyond knowing
      > > and ignorance. To know the Self is real knowing." (from: Union with
      > > the Divinity, taken from the talks of Sri Ratan Lal)
      > >
      > > All the Love,
      > > maria luisa
      > Dear Maria Louisa,
      > Sri Ratan Lal's writing here is beautiful and wisdom filled, and I'd
      > like to read more. But, I couldn't find any book titles listed by him
      > on abebooks.com, my favorite source for books. Is Union With the
      > Divinity currently available, or any other books by him? I know this
      > was just a snapshot of his work, but I noticed that not one thing
      > written here dealt with "I'm a Guru, so listen to me", which is my
      > favorite kind of Guru - one that points to his teaching and not to
      > her/himself. Thank you for sharing this.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      yes, thank you,

      I would love to read more from him

      it is fascinating how each one of us
      believe system born

      I am having problem now with the
      'nobody home' Balsekarian only
      destiny notion I wonder what kind of self-Consciousness does that produce

      from this angle what Maria Luisa wrote
      about this subject is familiar: to
      surrender to a higher power
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