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  • lesley_j2001
    Thank you for tolerating my infrequent posts. I had some interesting experiences last night and recently on vacation and am hoping to find information about
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 12, 2002
      Thank you for tolerating my infrequent posts. I had some interesting
      experiences last night and recently on vacation and am hoping to
      find information about some of it.

      I attended a group meeting where the speaker led us through a guided
      meditaion to meet our guides. As part of the meditation we were to
      follow her guided imagery though a beach, forest, house and onto a
      hill then picture ourselves sitting on a hill overlooking the house
      from which we just came. I skipped all the guided imagery, but when
      she said the part of looking out over I saw a beautiful white city
      beneath the hill.

      At this point, our guide was to come to us. I had a somewhat
      negative experience in that I wanted to run from the guide that came
      to me. I really did not want to see him or hear his message. I did
      get some very LOUD impressions from him however, as he came at me
      shouting as if he KNEW I'd run and he had to get it in before I
      missed it. I also got the impression he is/was a man with a short,
      cropped beard. However at the end, one guide who I have a loving
      bond with, gave me a GIGANTIC *hug.*

      Later, this speaker and I talked. She is a psychic who specializes
      in past life reqression and does astrology. She was telling me about
      different planets. She also suggested that I really need to work
      through my fear. She hinted that likely I had been persecuted in
      some way in a past life and I feared the same experience again this
      go round. This resonated with me. But, I've never had a past life
      reading or regression, so I have nothing to base this on. But, I
      have had that thought before last night. She also suggested that not
      all beings that come to me would necessarily have my best interest
      at heart. (my words not hers.)

      Also, recently I was on vacation at my mother's house. My father
      passed away 8 years ago. DH and I slept in my parents bed and mother
      slept in the guest room. Mother, DH, DD and I went to the mall one
      day. Mother had a makeover and spent A LOT of money on makeup that
      she'd likely never wear. DH and I joked about it being $200 but
      don't really know the amount. Father was very frugal, a big
      tightwad. Well, that night I sensed my father wandering around the
      house. It was from about 2:30 until about 4. I went to a room he
      never frequented to find some peace to get some sleep. The next day
      I told my mother who said that father used to wander the house
      during those hours when he was alive. DH joked that father was
      fuming that mother spent $200 on makeup. (Like he was pacing "I
      can't believe (name) spent $200 on makeup!") Anyway, mother returned
      the makeup the next day, and no more pacing from father.

      Lastly, I had a dream recently where I could see different objects
      auras - plants, humans, animals, not pianos or tables.

      So, my questions are where can I find out about value of past life
      regression/readings? About astrology? About spiritual beings and
      other planets (this is way out there for me)? The white city I saw?

      I have always been a bit skeptical about psychic stuff, but these
      experiences have left me slightly curious. I wonder about past life
      regression as I have always been skeptical of the use of reliving
      the past in sexual abuse type cases.

      Can anyone direct me to a good resource?
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