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Jed McKenna

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    Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damndest Thing For the last five months or so we ve had a mother and daughter with us.  The mother, Marla, is one of the many
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 19, 2003
      Spiritual Enlightenment, The Damndest

      "For the last five months or so we've
      had a mother and daughter with us. 
      The mother, Marla, is one of the many
      who show up with pretty distorted
      views about what enlightenment is. 

      I can't really teach her anything for
      now, I can only encourage her to take
      a look at her basic assumptions and
      develop a willingness to revisit them
      in a new light.  As is often the
      case, she'll probably prefer her
      romanticized beliefs over the harsher realities and move on rather than
      change. The misconception about
      enlighenment stems from, or is at least
      compounded by, the fact tht most of
      the world's recognized experts on the
      subject of enlightenment are not enlightened. 

      Some are great mystics, some are great
      scholars, some are both, and most are
      neither, but very few are awake.

      This core misconception will be a big
      theme in this book because it's the
      primary obstance in the quest for enlightenment. Nobody's getting there
      because nobody knows where there is,
      and those are are entrusted to point
      eh way are, for a variety of reasons
      pointing the wrong way.  

      At the very heart of this confusion
      lies the belief that abididing non-
      dual awareness - enlightenment - and
      the no-abiding expereince of cosmic-consciousness - mystic union -
      are synonymous, when, in fact, they
      are completely unrelated. It's possible
      to hae either without the other, and
      there are countless millions of cases
      of mysticism and cosmic consciousness
      of varying degree for every case of enlightenment.

      Of course, true cases of enlightenment
      are unlikely to attract attention to themselves, so it is certain that
      there are more than is apparent ( like
      vampires!). However, the simple fact
      remains that enlightenment and mysticism
      have little or nothing in common.  

      Anyone, myself included, who has had
      a taste of mystic union will naturallly
      assume it to be the very summit of
      human experience, which I believe it
      is. It would follow from there that
      anyone who enjoyed more frequent acces
      or greater ease of access to scuh a
      rarified state would be at or near the
      summit of humanity. All well and good
      until such a one is labeled spiritually
      enlightened. He or she may be a divine
      avatar or love incarnate or the
      supreme godhead, but enlightenment
      is something else.
      The critical distinction is that one
      is in the dream and the other is not.
       One is truth-realized and the other
      is not.   

      Enlightenment is about truth. It's
      not about becoming a better or happier
      person. It's not about personal
      growth or spiritual evolution. An
      accurate ad for enlightenment would
      make the toughest marine blanche. There
      is no higher stakes game in this world
      or any other, in this dimension or
      any other. The price of truth is
      everything, but no one knows what
      everything means until they're paying

      http://www.ods.nl/am1gos <-- Jed McKenna
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