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Re: [Meditation Society of America] Thank you

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  • Sarojini
    TW: I am so glad you came out from the lurking stage, as you called it and shared your feelings so beautifully. I think most of us are continuously falling
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          I am so glad you came out from the "lurking" stage, as you called it and shared your feelings so beautifully.  I think most of us are continuously falling bach and forth from different levels of awareness in life.  It's like we are flowing peacefully down a river noticing the sparkling water and the great beauty that we are apart of, and then a minute later we are caught up on the side of the river in some branches etc.  And when that happens, I know that I tend to make it worse by thrashing about madly to untangle myself from the branches, when, in essence, I should just let go and the river itself will cradle me safely once again.  The joy of getting older, I feel, is that we begin to let go a lot more easily.  And if we don't ourselves, we have wonderful Sites like this which are basically telling us "Let go of the side of the river and just flow." Thank you so much for your lovely words.
                                  Love and Peace Always,
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      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Thank you

      Peace Be to all and I thank you for the kind words and
      revelations.  Tending to be a "lurker" instead of an
      active participant in these discussions it makes me
      realize there are more who do understand than do not.
      Sarajoni, you are right about this site and the
      ability of those involved to grow and relate.  Freyja,
      your kind understanding words have also been absorbed.
      Aloke, welcome. You will find strength in this group!

      Ml, you say my words resonated with you for that I am
      grateful.  I live in a small village, and as most
      know, I am of western descent.  My ideals and
      practices are not the usual for the present situation.
      There are a few I have found who can relate-very few.

      Karta, I liked what you said about JUST BE.  This is
      what we have, the reality, the now.  Through prayer
      and meditation we become closer to ourselves and God.
      Casting what has been drummed into me from when I was
      a small child, to be OK with the now and not rely on
      others, or material possessions to become whole.  Do
      not rely on accolades or prestigious accomplishments.
      All of this is just "stuff".  The inner peace is what
      so many in the USA seek, yet have no idea on how to
      get to that point.  I have been blessed in having
      guidance, although my family,coworkers and yes even
      some friends think I am 'very strange', yet I see
      these same people scrambling trying to find that which
      I found.

      Now the trick is to always keep it!  Do any of you
      have trouble resorting back to the plateau you left?

      Blessings and peace to all and thank you all for the
      wonderful shares,

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