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Re: dealing with the guru/Shadow of the Enlightened Guru

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  • satkartar7
    resently I was working ... more like accepting integrating the dark side [one s passion the fuel of the dark has to be transcended tho] ... thank you Lotus, it
    Message 1 of 7 , Aug 14, 2003
      resently I was working
      > > at a point of integration: it is REAL
      > > and one comes face to face with it just before a non-dual
      > realization
      > Oh, then you're talking about a different kind of integration, a
      > sort of alignment of forces, so to speak.

      more like accepting integrating the
      dark side

      [one's passion the fuel of the dark
      has to be transcended tho]

      > That kind of unity of the
      > powers that be is a delightful way of being. I'm happy for you that
      > you got rid of that pesky knot.

      thank you Lotus, it was painful: I
      came upon the axis of this cross first
      ridiing only the horizontal symbol of 8
      and did not know how to approach it

      by trying over and over I discovered,
      that an upright infinty of 8 met at the
      same axis

      and I am still 'integrating' and
      learning <grin>

      this is all yoga meditation symbology:
      a Kryija guru told me, that it is
      common before Kutashta..

      > I was think more of a therapudic
      > kind of integration where a little personality adjustment is made
      > here and a little there in some futile attempt to be well-adjusted
      > by whosever standards you're using.

      yes, that is on the table

      > You seem to be talking about a
      > more universal integration than just a personality. First, a balance
      > of brain to keep interests from tugging away from each other and
      > then on up to control central.
      > > it was for me on the 'horizontal' plane
      > > where I was crucified <grin>oh! by the
      > > upcoming vertical loop of 8- over-
      > > imposed to the horizontal
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > > > The Shadow Of The Enlightened Guru

      Having discovered the Divine in the
      depths of his or her own soul, the
      adept must then find the Divine in all
      life. This is, in fact, the adept's principal obligation and responsibility.
      To put it differently, having drunk at
      the fountain of life, the adept must complete the spiritual opus and practice compassion on the basis of the
      recognition that everything participates
      in the universal field of the Divine.
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