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Re: dealing with the guru/Shadow of the Enlightened Guru

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2003
      <<yes, integration is as important as
      transcendence and it is ignored in
      the guru/desciple setup

      great a' propos Freyja>>

      Glad you also saw how it fits, Karta.

      In regards to your comment, though,
      can you read the two paragraphs below
      and see how transcendance sort of
      encompasses......is like a big umbrella over...
      or maybe even over-rides, integration?


      <<Unlike transcendence, integration occurs in the horizontal plane. It extends
      the ideal of wholeness to the conditional personality and its social nexus.
      Yet, integration makes sense only when the conditional personality and the
      conditional world are not treated as irrevocable opponents of the ultimate
      Reality but are valued as manifestations of it.

      Having discovered the Divine in the depths of his or her own soul, the adept
      must then find the Divine in all life. This is, in fact, the adept's
      principal obligation and responsibility. To put it differently, having drunk
      at the fountain of life, the adept must complete the spiritual opus and
      practice compassion on the basis of the recognition that everything
      participates in the universal field of the Divine.>>

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