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Calling The Companion

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  • Jeff Belyea
    Calling The Companion - I usually feel the need to preface any reference to the teachings of one particular master with apologetics. So briefly, let me ask
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2003
      Calling The Companion -

      I usually feel the need
      to preface any reference
      to the teachings of one
      particular master with
      apologetics. So briefly,
      let me ask that the
      reader resist the urge
      to recoil at the mention
      of Christianity and
      Jesus, based on what
      much of the organized
      church has done to muddy
      the waters and shift the
      emphasis from yoga and
      meditation, union with
      God and peace of mind,
      to hellfire and brimstone.

      As a side note, I believe
      that Jesus was adamantly
      opposed to any exclusive-
      club mentality, and my
      view is interfaith.

      So, for those who chose
      to read on...

      A Christian Meditation,
      Calling the Companion.

      Jesus told his disciples
      that he would "send" them
      a helper, a companion to
      walk with them in this life,
      once he "returned" to God.

      This helper would in essence
      be the indwelling God, the
      Kingdom within. "My Father
      and I will make our abode
      with you, in your heart".

      Jesus referred to this
      companion as The Holy Spirit.
      A 25-words-or-less Cliff Note
      on the Holy Trinity: God,
      His Incarnate Son, and The
      Holy Spirit -- All in One.

      When we begin a quiet
      meditation practice, such
      as simply noticing when
      we are inhaling and when
      we are exhaling, and begin
      to quiet the internal chatter,
      we can enter a place of
      silence in which we open
      our heart and mind, and
      pineal gland, if you wish,
      and "feel" the presence of
      a new awareness, a companion
      awareness that is more like
      a detached, yet integral,
      part of our consciousness.

      This witnessing perspective
      allows a sense of peace
      that is not dependent on
      what is going on in our
      everyday world, or even
      the outcome of whatever
      events are in process,
      for our inner joy.

      This is a very subtle shift
      to grasp, but once grasped
      and experienced it can be
      exhilarating in a quiet and
      exquisitely satisfying way.

      What happens to those who
      experience this shift is
      that they come to a new
      realization about their
      identity. It is a realization
      that they are more than
      just their physical body,
      intellect and sensory
      apparatus -- they have a
      spiritual or energetic or
      a consciousness beyond
      the everyday "normal"
      waking consciousness.

      And this second-story
      awakening is the realization
      in its ultimate bloom
      is often couched in spiritual
      and religious terminology.

      But even without the
      spiritual trappings, there
      is general agreement from
      virtually all camps that
      there is an attendant
      all-pervading peace, a
      sense of joy in the freedom
      this enlightened understanding
      brings, that is beyond
      eventual happiness, and
      the matrix in which it
      is realized is a tender
      and all-embracing love.

      In Jesus' terms, this is
      the awakening to the
      Holy Spirit, the indwelling
      God and Kingdom of Heaven.

      Meditating, with the
      distinct purpose of opening
      to the potential for the
      arrival of "The Companion"
      can be a wonderful
      anticipatory mindset.

      To those of us who are
      compelled to witness to
      the reality of such an event,
      Jesus did what he promised
      to do. All realized masters,
      by whatever paradigm, do
      the same.

      The startling news that
      full awakening brings is
      that, as with Jesus, you
      and I and The Father are One.
      We, and The Companion, the
      expanded consciousness of
      realization, are One.

      Love, Jeff
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