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healthy happy holy hippy years

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  • satkartar7
    this reminds me of my very first guru: YaHWaHO in the seventies LA where the spiritual revolution took place.Here is Father as we called him:In 1988, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2003
      this reminds me of my very first guru:
      YaHWaHO in the seventies LA where
      the spiritual revolution took place.

      Here is Father as we called him:

      In 1988, I bought a new book called
      After the Acid Trip - The Ultimate Psychedelic Music Guide by Vernon
      Joynson. In it a music group called
      Ya Ho Wa 13 is described as such:
      "this band of Hollywood misfits
      reputedly made at least 9 albums for
      Higher Key during the '70's." They
      are referred to as "musically very
      weird… largely mellow, mystical and
      probably drug induced." In addition,
      there are pictures of two album covers
      - one has five men wearing only
      loincloths, all with bows and arrows crouching around and on top of a
      Rolls Royce. The other has a very
      intense looking older man in a white
      robe with a long beard singing and
      banging on a kettledrum.

       Once I finally got a chance to hear
      them, it became rapidly clear that
      there was something more than a little
      unusual going on here. Upon superficial
      listening, it sounded like a bunch of
      crazy musicians making a lot of truly wonderful and bewildering psychedeli=
      music with this deep-voiced man talking, singing, whistling and sometimes
      screaming over the top of it. And the
      wild bizarre things he was saying…
      Needless to say I was intensely curious
      about this mysterious group of people
      with names like Djin, Sunflower,
      Octavius, Pythias, Rhythm, all with
      the last name Aquarian, and their
      enigmatic leader Father Yod (rhymes
      with road).

       I was only able to hear a couple of
      reissued albums at the time since all
      the originals were ludicrously rare
      and expensive. For a long time I
      tried to find out more information about
      this group and what they were about,
      only to be met by a stunning lack of information. What scant information I
      did find was quite odd, and still the
      group seemed somehow cloaked in mystery.

       Then lo and behold - the heavens opened
      and I was to discover in 1998 that
      they released a limited edition 13-cd
      box set on the Japanese Captain Trip
      label called God and Hair - Yahowha Collection! Here were more pictures of=

      Father Yod, the band and a large group
      of longhaired men, women and children
      that all seemed to live together. One
      of the albums covers even has Father
      Yod pictured with a woman in a sexual
      tantric position!

       I learned that there were 9 original
      albums. The first four were released
      under the name "Father Yod and the
      Spirit of 76." These were Kohoutek, Contraction, Expansion and All or
      Nothing at All. The remaining 5 were
      released under the name "Ya Ho Wa 13."

      These were Yahowa 13, Savage Sons of
      Yahowa, Penetration: An Aquarian
      Symphony, I'm Gonna Take You Home and
      To the Principles for the Children. All
      were released between 1973 and 1975.

       A 10th album was released without
      Father Yod in 1977, but with a lot of
      the same musicians, this time
      including Sky Sunlight Saxon, formerly
      of The Seeds. This went under the name "Fire, Water, Air" and was called G=
      olden Sunrise. There were also 3 cd's of
      additional material called Yodship,
      Related Singles, and Unreleased

      my friend Aquarien Damascus a Hungarian
      artist 'Onassis' still lives in Hawaii:


      long article:



      ps: Bob you are full of suprises, I knew
      it when you talked about Ella Fritzgerald

      <grin> Karta
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