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Re: Presence of the Uncreated

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  • Onniko
    ... ability to ... I thought so, too, but you know how people like to categorize everything in detail. ... with a ... kind ... makes ... subtle ... in ... as
    Message 1 of 7 , Jul 18, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "satkartar7"
      <mi_nok@y...> wrote:
      > hi Oniko,
      > > Lucid dreaming has a definition that I've heard of as the
      ability to
      > > control your dreams.
      > I did not know this. I thought, that
      > one just learns to stay 'conscious'
      > during the dream state

      I thought so, too, but you know how people like to categorize
      everything in detail.

      > > Example being if you want to materialize
      > > something in the dream, you think it being there. By that
      > > definition, I do very little lucid dreaming. In those dreams
      with a
      > > human content, I'm just in the dream and it's as real as waking
      > > life. The only control I'd have to to be able to make the same
      > > of decisions about where to go and what to do that a person
      > > awake. The environment is trippy and flexible, though. The
      > > altered states that we notice awake will come alive in sleep, or
      > > other words, we see our thoughts come to life and can be those
      > > thoughts. To access that, all you have to do is be an observer
      > > you drift off to sleep instead of thinking about the day or
      > > not to think at all.
      > you make it sound so easy <grin>

      It is. That's the point. It's the opposite of struggle. No hard
      concentration, no energy being expended, just watching everything
      like it was a movie in a comforting theater where you can feel a
      part of the action or remember the padded chair and the popcorn for
      a moment. There's no goal, just comfort...busy mind interferes, just
      carress it free like loving a teddy bear for no reason at all.

      > > To watch without interfering or elaborating on
      > > any thought of inner sensory stuff that floats up. From that
      > > you can refuse all dreams and vistas until there are only
      > > chords to give rise to meaning or you can follow many kinds of
      > > openings to many kinds of dreams. Go to the point where thought
      > > vibration only, first, though.
      > most interesting!

      Yes, that is truly interesting in that these vibrations have meaning
      that are always recognized, yet are never understood by the
      conscious mind, or at least by my conscious mind. They are like your
      OM with countless small variations that turn the pure meaning of OM
      into all the basic meanings we can think of.

      > > The reason is that you can see from
      > > there that certain visions that might be a bit shocking to the
      > > conscious mind is just playfullness in you and no problem.
      > >
      > > >
      > > > I often said that meditation 'cleans'
      > > > the unconscious the engrams collected
      > > > from child-hood, where emotions had
      > > > to be suppressed but they are there
      > > > to function and push one's internal
      > > > buttons until they are diffused, what
      > > > is happening in meditation 'under'
      > > > the conscious. My understanding is
      > > > that the same happens in the dreams: *Cleaning*
      > > >----
      > > > I also don't belive in a linear
      > > > karma, but have seen the weakest
      > > > links blown and suffer more when
      > > > the steem of this collective
      > > > subconscious world finds it way and
      > > > blows into the physical world
      > >
      > > Yes, people should always keep their plain old every day
      > > reason about whether something is giving them grief. If
      something is
      > > really painful, maniacal, or frightening, I wouldn't listen to
      > > anyone to said that that was a good thing. Reason is the guage
      > > showing whether the pressure is out of the red area. A person
      > > doesn't have to know exactly what is going on to make a
      > if the right conscientiousness is in
      > place

      Yes, if. Simple values ARE good for freedom.

      > > In
      > > fact, it's important to realize that we aren't going to know.
      > >
      > > > please tell me if this 'cleaning'
      > > > makes sense to you, because it is
      > > > a santmat terminology so for me it
      > > > is easy
      > >
      > > It might if I really understood what was being said but right
      > > you're over my head. My "model of existence" is really simple.
      If we
      > > have a problem with a specific issue, the part the collective
      > > consciousness would play is just to concentrate the idea behind
      > I was thinking about for healing gaia
      > as Bobby said we each should watch our
      > own emotions we are working with
      > On a large scale I don't know how can
      > the upper echelon of an advanced
      > society live in morbid luxury while
      > millions suffer and die in hunger and
      > their dispear is stored in the this
      > collective unconscious effecting
      > everyone as we all spring from it and
      > the same goes for violence based on ignorance and bigotry

      You are right, of course, imo. These things affect everyone in the
      world and if the whole of the world is hellish, then all suffer,
      even the ones living in luxery and even the ones living in the Now.

      > > Like awareness without content can be dim or bright but stays
      > > same, an idea in our life is much diluted by the actual events
      > > well as all other things we think and do. Just as that awareness
      > > gets brighter the less we pay attention to the thoughts in our
      > > consciousness, when we look at an idea more deeply in us, we may
      > > that idea in a pure form, too pure for our conscious mind.
      > >
      > > > love Karta
      > >
      > > LOve, Onniko
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