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  • mlcanow
    ... (snip) ... setting, ... up ... the ... lived ... too ... The rest of us is the idea of being lack of something. It is the idea of being separated or
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 17, 2003
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      > I do have one question after watching Amma for quite a bit hugging
      > people and being Divine Love. Is she always like this, always this
      > loving, or is she human like the rest of us, does she have her
      > moments? What if she worked a normal job 9-5 in a corporate
      > would she continuously radiate divine love or would she get caught
      > occasionally in stress or frustration like the rest of us do in
      > real world? The same goes for Buddha, and Jesus, etc, if they
      > normal lives, lives in the world, would they be as perfect as the
      > scriptures make them out to be, or would they have their moments
      > like the rest of us?

      "The rest of us" is the idea of being lack of something. It is the
      idea of being separated or distanced from the perfect feeling of
      totality. Amma, Jesus, Budha or whatever other being who has
      expressed in whatever way their feeling of Unity, knew or know by
      their own experience that there is no lack, that nothing is ever
      lost, that all is in its right place. They know that the real
      meaning of what we call Love is this: totality, unity, wholeness,

      This feeling lacks nothing so there are no possible frustrations and
      of course, no possible stress. This feeling seems to not be there
      when there is identification with the emerging thoughts. But when
      thoughts arise and there is no identity pretending to posses this
      thoughts, the peace of these feeling of wholeness, unity, etc, is
      there, and so is a total and perfect wellbeing.

      There are no amount of words to transmit this to you or to anybody.
      Each one has to do its own "work" on it. Information is what
      abounds, and those to whom ask also are there. Just don't get
      confussed any more and go to one of them and stay straight until you
      gain the goal of this LOVE you are, without any doubt that makes you
      fall in the sense of stress, lack, sorrow, longing, any more.

      It is possible to go beyond the fear and doubts. Liberation is
      possible. Go for it.

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