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997More Swami Sivananda on Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 3, 2002

      Meditation is the road to the attainment of salvation (moksa).
      Meditation kills all pains, suffering, the three kinds of tapas
      (fevers), and the five klesas (sorrows). Meditation gives the vision
      of unity. Meditation produces a sense of oneness. Meditation is the
      aeroplane that helps the aspirant to soar high in the realms of
      eternal bliss and everlasting peace.

      Meditation is the mysterious ladder that connects heaven and earth
      and takes the aspirant to the immortal abode of Brahman. Meditation
      is the continuous flow of one thought of God or atman, like the
      continuous flow of oil from one vessel to another.

      When you sit for meditation, all sorts of worldly thoughts will crop
      up in your mind; this will disturb the meditation. You will be
      astonished. Old thoughts, old memories of past enjoyments will
      bubble up and force the mind to wander in all directions. The trap-
      door of the vast magazine of thoughts and memories, within the
      subconscious mind, is opened up and these thoughts gush out in a
      continuous stream. The more you attempt to still them, the more they
      will bubble up.

      Do not be discouraged. Never despair. Through regular and constant
      meditation you will purify the subconscious mind and thus control
      the thoughts and memories. The fire of meditation will burn all
      thoughts. Be sure of this.

      Meditation on the immortal self will act like dynamite. It will blow
      up all thoughts and memories in the subconscious mind. If the
      thoughts trouble you much, do not suppress them by force. Be a
      silent witness, as in a bioscope. They will subside gradually. Then
      you must root them out by regular silent meditation.

      The practice of meditation must be constant. Then only will one
      attain self-realisation, quickly and surely. He who practises
      meditation, by fits and starts, for a few minutes daily, will not be
      able to achieve any tangible success in yoga.

      In the beginning, beginners fall down from meditation into their old
      grooves. They must lift up their minds again and again. They will
      have to fix the mind on the laksya (target). When the meditation
      becomes deep and steady, they eventually get established in God.
      Then meditation becomes sahaja - it becomes habitual.