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991Re: What's Supposed to Happen?

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 2, 2002
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > I am a beginner and I was wondering how I am suppose to know that
      I'm meditating.Is there a certain feeling you get?
      > This is a question we received from an Email.

      The same writer emailed this follow up(my answer is below, and I
      did email it to him), but please give your own as you feel is

      The same writer wrote:

      I asked you how I was suppose to know that I was meditating.I am kind
      of impatient and no one has answered it.I will come back and see what
      everyone has to say but I know that you know the answer because of
      your profile.So will you please email me the answer as soon as
      possible.I am trying to meditate all the time but I'm not sure if it
      is just nothing but calming your mind or does your body kick into a
      mode.I try the breathing technique and it seems like I'm doing
      something right because my reflexes are more aware of things and
      there is just little things that I can't think of right now,but
      please tell me how you feel about this.

      My answer:
      Ok - Here's the URL of our sample issue. It is fairly large, 1.61Mb,
      but well worth the wait to download. The back cover, and the
      next to last page, has an excellent article by Dr. Lonny Brown, that
      covers very much of what meditation is all about. Please check it
      out. I'm confident that it has what you are seeking, but it is still
      just words. The best way to learn about meditation is by meditating.
      When questions arise, or you have experiences that you want to share,
      the Yahoo group will be a great help. To address one point that
      you raised, you asked "if it is just nothing but calming your mind".
      This ain't just a "just". This would be worth a million dollars,
      and make your life wonder-full. The more hectic your mind is, the
      more confusing life is. The calmer and quieter your mind is,
      the greater chance that Wisdom and Bliss will fill it. I wish you
      Peace and blessings,
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