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9883Re: 'I am' is True, all else is Inference of cannisters

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  • Gene Poole
    Jul 7, 2003
      Hi Bob... a few remarks:

      >medit8ionsociety <no_reply@y...> wrote:

      > The sense of "I" is not the same as sensing "I Am"
      > Here's Swami Sivananda:
      > Experience is never possible without consciousness. Anything that is
      > eternal must be infinite and unlimited. Consciousness is unlimited;
      > the consciousness of limitation shows that consciousness is greater
      > than limitation.

      Above, remove the 'the' for clearer meaning:

      "consciousness of limitation shows that consciousness is greater
      than limitation."

      'The consciousness of limitation' is itself, limited.

      One could also say: 'Perspective of the consciousness
      of limitation... ".

      The container of all containers is bigger than all
      containers, except itself. Kind of like those kitchen
      cannisters, eh?

      Now is your chance to 'graduate' from tiny container
      to BIG container! You are in yourself, right now!

      (But none of those statements is either clear, or true;
      it is merely 'cheerleading' the choir. One must already
      posses (at the least) opinions related to these issues,
      in order to 'assume' the truth of such short and
      presumptive statements. )

      > Perfection is the attainment of immortal life or
      > pure consciousness. The enquiry of, "Who am I?" leads to self-
      > realisation (Brahma-jnana). Divine wisdom can be attained only by
      > those who are endowed with purity. Tear the veil. Realise the reality.

      Yet another great and inadequate generalization!

      Like ACIM, the drama is the energy; and the 'helpings'
      of 'truth' are supposed to be deeply implanted, in the
      mind of the seeker. My suggestion: Forget the drama.

      > Pain is the effect of not having what is wanted, or having what is
      > not wanted. Brahman is secondless. There is no pain or want in
      > Brahman. Therefore pain is impossible in the absolute. Contact is the
      > mother of pain. The absolute can have no contacts and therefore no
      > pain. Brahman is free from all wants and desires because it includes
      > everything in itself. Therefore it is an embodiment of bliss.

      Well... DUH!

      > Bliss is not an attribute. It is the very constitutive essence of the
      > self, or atman. As the self is absolute in nature, its bliss is also
      > absolute. This is the same as Brahman.

      Sorry, dude. We are not 'enlightened' by reasoning alone;
      thus, your formulations of words simply fight for dominance
      in a ghetto of existing impressions. Ever see 'Fight Club'?

      > Annihilate the ego. Reach the goal here and now. Take the inner
      > essence and attain perfection. Relax not the keen vigilance against
      > your most subtle foes - egoism and desire. Where can you see the
      > Lord? I found the Lord where 'I' did not exist.

      "Annihilate the ego", eh? Ever try to strangle yourself
      with your own hands? Get real, dude!

      > Where there is no sense of 'I', there is liberation.

      More like, where there is no sense of 'you', O
      purveyor of puerile pap!

      > It is bondage to [there is no liberation without bondage!]
      > have the sense of 'I' and 'mine'. Identify with the all-pervading
      > soul (atman). You will attain immortality. This is the secret of
      > eternal life.

      Secret? Eternal life, is that there is no life!

      Ya can't lose what you don't have!

      > With the growth and expansion of your inmost being, you attain
      > greater perfection and fulfillment of yourself, and bliss is the
      > result thereof.

      Or, tumors.

      Now come on, guy... bliss as a result?
      How about what you said up above, eh?

      > Purge yourself from self-seeking and egoism. Escape
      > from space-time limitations. Lose all sense of separateness. Unite
      > with Brahman or the absolute.

      Yes, sir! Thou speakest, I obeyest!

      > The practice of the presence of God
      > will cause the ego-veil to dissolve.

      Whose... mine, or God's?

      I thought that God kinda enjoyed
      me-as-His-veil! I can tell, cause he
      is laughing it up, right now!

      > Divine love will now manifest and eternal bliss will flow in. The
      > Lord's grace is ever upon sincere, selfless souls.

      Sincere? Like, you mean, uh... without will?


      Waves of... Ganga? You mean... a 'sea of green'?

      Now, that I can go for!

      later, Bud...


      > "cornelius" <d_agenda2000@y...> wrote:
      > > From "I am That"
      > >
      > > Maharaj: The perceiver of the world, is he prior to the world, or
      > > does he come into being along with the world?
      > >
      > > Q: What a strange question! Why do you ask such questions?
      > >
      > > M: Unless you know the correct answer, you will not find peace.
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