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9841Re: Sahaja Samadhi

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  • devianandi
    Jul 1, 2003
      > > devi: that was a funny story,,i personally think
      > > yoga theory is more important then asana,
      > > but i don't think i'd confuse students out of
      > > their asanas by giving speeches... but thats just me..
      > > everyone is where their at...
      > Yoga asana and philosophy feed each other, but they are only
      > > anyway, i posted that essay becuase when gangak left
      > > the topic was *coming and going* sahaja samadhi and nirvikalp,
      > maria
      > > was questioning her yoga samadhis and i thought that essay might
      > > help..the book i copied it from discusses *samadhi* through all
      > > differnt paths, i think the author was particullary fond of
      > > ramakrishna...
      > Yup, understood.
      > > so nina, am i right to understand that you practice asanas but
      > > no idea abou words like nivikalpa samadhi, or dyhana or darana
      > > example?
      > Nope, you are wrong to understand that.
      > My emphasis is on inquiry; I choose to direct my students into
      > own exploration, rather than teaching a system of philosophy.

      devi: it seems to me then all you need to do is say once to a
      person "go do inquiry* and then theres nothing else to talk about
      then, right...
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