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9839Accepting critisism

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  • satkartar7
    Jul 1, 2003
      Ignorance might be bliss for some
      matters, but when you are looking at
      your personality and behavior, ignorance
      is not bliss. Without insight into your
      attitudes and behaviors, you are stuck
      with unconsciously repeating them --
      whether they work well for you or not.

      Consider the differences between your ordinary work behaviors and how you
      might work on an important project or
      job assignment. When you are assigned important projects, you apply your intelligence, education, and experience
      and may consult with your peers to ensure the best possible outcome. You make a conscious effort to apply all your
      business smarts and technical knowledge
      to make sure the job is done right.

      Contrast this with your everyday approach
      to work. For most people, their work
      behaviors are more often the result of
      unconscious processes -- habits --
      than of carefully crafted efforts.

      Illogical as it may be, people tend to
      ignore (or blame others for) past
      failures and problems and simply repeat
      what has not worked for them in the past.

      People seldom apply their intelligence, education, experience, or a peer review process to their behavioral repertoire.

      It is the rare individual whose work
      behavior is the result of a methodical,
      thoughtful, critiqued effort.

      Because most people do not make conscious
      behavioral choices, they "default," or revert, to personality-driven habits,
      many of which are counterproductive.

      Peter Ustinov said, "Once we are
      destined to live out our lives in the
      prison of our mind, our one duty is to furnish it well."

      from InnerSelf magazine long form: