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9833The Spontaneous Heart

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  • asimpjoy
    Jun 30, 2003
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      In observing my "self" - just
      watching to see what is there,
      it appears that the mind wants
      always to accumulate more,
      ... More power, more sensation
      more pleasure - mundane or spiritual.

      So even the desire for less - to be
      "Empty", only becomes just another
      accumulation of the mind.

      It seems that as long as thought
      believes itself to be an entity,
      it will continue to remain in a
      state of perpetual "becoming".

      "Psychological Becoming" - "the me"
      and "the mine", as an island of
      the "I", and the illusion of being
      a separate and permanent inward entity,
      ... A self-identified egotistical center.

      The mind cannot move into the stillness
      of the present moment, because its very
      movement is just more chatter - it is only
      an intellectualization.

      Seeing "what is" requires direct perception,
      without ANY conceptual overlay - the silent
      observation of what is actually present.
      ... Just FEELING the very depths of NOW, with
      a "Heart" that is open and vulnerable.

      Can there be no identification with thought,
      with emotion - with the body?
      ... Can there just be Awareness?
      ... Can the mind be still?

      Action from the mind has the self-interest
      of motive, because it is contrived and based
      the conditioning of thinking - it has an end
      in view,
      ... But action from the "Heart" is spontaneous,
      fresh and free, and based on the sensitivity
      of direct and intimate contact - it has no
      attachment to the outcome.

      It is the highest form of intelligence.
      ... It is the compassionate action of Love.