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  • satkartar7
    Jun 30, 2003
      Has anyone heard of /or have any information on Neo-Tech?By Frank R. Wallac=

      I  was talking with someone and they
      claimed that "the Neo-Tech Manuscript for
      Zonpower is the Entelechy of prosperity
      and happiness"... furthermore she stated that"it captures the greatest mon=
      ey,power,romantic love discovery since
      the Industrial Revolution, and, can occur easily after reading and integra=
      ting the entire Neo-Tech manuscript.

      And once you pull that mighty integration
      of all 114 Neo-Tech Advantages,you
      will gain unbeatable power over every professional mystic and neocheater wh=
      o touches your life. And with that power
      you can gain unlimited prosperity. happiness,and romantic love, forever.

      But those not capturing Neo-Tech will
      grow increasingly unaware, impotent, uncompetitive, incompetent...They will=

      be left behind, defenseless in a world
      of professional mystics and neocheaters
      increasingly succumbing to the always
      fatal disease of mysticism."

      Any information on this would be greatly appreciated as I did not know what=
      heck she was talking about!


      from NDS by Humanitate