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981Love - Steven Harrison

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  • Judi Rhodes
    Aug 31, 2002
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      Jesus put the icing on the cake by directing us to love our neighbor as ourselves, which is about all we have left to do when we are everything. These are straightforward operating instructions. You are everything, so love your neighbor, who, by the way, happens to be yourself, anyway.

      But it is far too simple to think of it that way, so we had to create thousands of books to explain what these visionairies were saying. Now there are various schools of thought, churches, sects, priests, teachers, and systems we can choose from. It is truly confusing and we are relieved to be confused. Otherwise we would have had to live the simplicity of love.

      We are afraid to step out of our fear, and to love. In the recognition of the human condition in all of us, that we're all alike, we find that compassion arises. We are them. We are the human condition. And knowing this, unavoidably we find compassion, connection, we fall in love.

      We fall in love with ourselves, with each other, with the human condition. Love, in the end, doesn't come from being loving. It comes from being human. It comes from our failure to love and from our fear of love. The mythic Jesus, after all, was incarnate as a human being. He had all the passions of a human and all the failures. In between some fairly impressive miracles, he perceived that the other is ourself.

      That's the miracle.

      The other is ourself, because, in fact, there is no self to be other, and no other to be other.

      Happy Days,


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