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  • texasbg2000
    Jun 29, 2003
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "G"
      <crystalkundalini@h...> wrote:
      > Namaste -
      > There is no reason to remain on this line ..... my function is
      > of Guru and not armchair philosophy endlessly debating that
      > which cannot be debated ......
      > debating is separation and mental strivings rather than the
      > Bliss of Sat*Chit* Anand which simply IS when mind stills ......
      > why to chase weeds when simply there is a garden of delight
      > always at hand ?
      > any wishing may email me directly or may find me at Guru
      > Satsang or Kundalini Online or God Realized ...... from this
      > month will be quite busy working with those coming for kundalini
      > help and so have no time to invest in these debates which serve
      > no purpose ....... it is ego that wishes debate after debate to
      > secure itself and its understanding ..... how can one debate
      > Reality it simply IS....... it doesn't need to be
      discussed ........
      > may you find that which you seek ..... may what you find be
      > Liberation ........
      > shanti om
      > crystalkundalini@h...

      Actually G. the debates serve a good purpose. Your philosophy and
      service are well outlined and any one reading your debates have a
      good idea if you can help them. The way to reach you is clear as is
      your willingness to help.
      Nothing is lost.
      Bobby G.
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