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976Re: [Meditation Society of America] Digest Number 157

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  • Ramon Sender
    Aug 30, 2002
      Curious, even on the communes I never saw more than perhaps two people
      nurse on baby bottles in all of 8 years. But I have calmed down people on a
      bad trip by getting them to stick their thumbs in their mouths.

      Interesting, Bob, what you mention about today's Ecstasy users.
      I'm trying to recall when I first tried a pacifier -- I think it was when
      I wanted to stop smoking in the 1970s.

      And as I mentioned, for me it remains the quickest and easiest method
      to drown the mind chatter. Helluva lot simpler than anything else I've
      tried. Well, ALMOST anything, but that opens up a whole new topic.
      I'll save it for another time.

      In Mothers' Heart...


      Dear Ramon,
      Things come around, leave, and come back again. Back in the early
      60's, it was not uncommon for Hippies to nurse on baby bottles while
      "tripping". I'm pretty sure the modern day Ecstasy users can be found
      with pacifiers ... in their mouths when on their "trip".