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94Re: relaying my life & a question

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  • warmheart23
    Dec 30, 2001
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      you're welcome for the words.<br>Thank you.
      Although that response perhaps does not seem too cryptic,
      why do I feel I'll understand it better 5 yrs from
      now than I do now? ha ha ha<br><br>:)<br><br>and in a
      way - I feel I'm living happily ever after already,
      we'll see if it continues!<br><br>thanks
      again<br><br>oh yeah, as to 3rd eye technique - I have been
      desiring to learn to see auras. So I think it's neat you
      posted something about a 3rd eye technique, as I suspect
      that is related to being able to "see"- see auras or
      whatever.<br><br>thanks again , where do I learn more about 3rd eye
      techniques?<br><br>thank you...<br><br>Gregory
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