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91relaying my life & a question

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  • warmheart23
    Dec 30, 2001
      Hi, <br><br> 1st, a word of praise for the
      founder of this club, for his seemingly tireless
      attention.<br>-------------------------------------------------<br><br> I think I first became interested in something
      related to meditation through reading a book, "The Inner
      Game of Tennis" by Tim Gallwey.<br><br> One thing I
      read in the book was about what to do between points
      in a tennis match. The author suggested placing
      awareness on one's breathing between points to help stay in
      the present moment, to stop an over-active mind from
      diminishing one's energies?<br><br> I thought this was all
      well and neat, and applied it to my sports career,
      much to my enjoyment.<br><br> My mind started
      inquiring, "Can't I apply what I learned, to life off the
      court?" I had seen what I considered the benefits while
      playing a sport, and wanted to apply this to my life
      outside of sports...<br><br> I wasn't sure of an easy way
      to always keep myself in the present, and stop the
      endless chatter in my mind. So eventually, I took
      breathing. I would become aware of my breathing throughout
      the day, whenever I remembered, to interrupt my
      negative thought patterns.<br><br> That takes me to the
      current day. Along the way I began a seated meditation
      practice as well. I used the same thing, attention on the
      breath as a point of focus during meditation.<br><br>
      Later on, awareness of the heartbeat/pulse joined
      awareness of the breath as a point of
      focus.<br><br>------------------------------------------------<br><br>Question:<br><br> I am comfortable with my current meditation
      technique/practice. Is there something different/additional you'd
      recommend trying?<br><br>thanks,<br><br>Happy New
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