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  • mlcanow
    Jun 3, 2003
      Hi Jeff,
      i am not a memeber of guru ratings. It really hadn't picked my
      attention up, but now, observing that so many of you go into that
      room to chat, maybe i take a step forward in entering too.
      About rating you.....the least i can do is laugh and laugh!
      I know you personally, i know you heartedly, and i cannot think
      about you,(for rating it is neccesary to think, compare, judge,
      isn't it?) i can only feel you, and that feeling is pure love. Is it
      possible to rate love?

      maria luisa

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      <jeff@s...> wrote:
      > Well, this once humble
      > and retiring meditation
      > teacher, tucked quietly
      > in the northeast corner
      > of the US, has gone and
      > done it.
      > Those of you who have
      > dual citizenship with
      > this group and other groups
      > on the Yahoo! circuit may
      > know this, already.
      > On the Yahoo! Group called
      > Guru Ratings, moderated
      > by "Sarlo", I have snarled
      > and growled at the very
      > premise for about a year.
      > Finally, Sarlo himself
      > has gone into a snarl,
      > and posted a poll to "rate"
      > the irascible persona that
      > I bring into their midst.
      > (If you were here in the
      > days of the Jeff and Judi
      > show, you've seen pretty
      > much the full monty).
      > What has this to do with
      > meditation? I'm a long-term
      > meditator (27 years and
      > counting - I'm ready to
      > stop counting) and it will
      > be interesting to see how
      > many rate according to
      > what they have seen of me
      > at that site, and how many
      > actually look behind the
      > mask (persona) to read
      > information on my website
      > and the files I have posted
      > here and there about my
      > lineage (as a guru) and
      > my method (as a meditation
      > teacher and motivational
      > coach) and my enlightenment
      > journey.
      > Meditation may not do much
      > to change the outward look
      > and personality, but it does,
      > in the world according to me,
      > brings about dramatic emotional,
      > psychological, and even possibly
      > cellular-level changes.
      > I am also convinced that it
      > improves coordination and
      > physical grace, that it
      > not only relieve stress, but
      > allow the meditator to take
      > life's bump and grinds in
      > stride and with equanimity
      > in great part.
      > Does bias effect fair judgment
      > and intellect? Is it just
      > an ego battle? Will this
      > poll really answer any of
      > that?
      > I'll be back with results
      > when they are published.
      > Just thought this might be
      > of interest to meditators
      > and spiritual seekers.
      > Meanwhile....
      > OM
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