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  • cornelius
    Jun 3, 2003
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff Belyea"
      <jeff@s...> wrote:
      > Well, this once humble
      > and retiring meditation
      > teacher, tucked quietly
      > in the northeast corner
      > of the US, has gone and
      > done it.
      > Those of you who have
      > dual citizenship with
      > this group and other groups
      > on the Yahoo! circuit may
      > know this, already.
      > On the Yahoo! Group called
      > Guru Ratings, moderated
      > by "Sarlo", I have snarled
      > and growled at the very
      > premise for about a year.
      > Finally, Sarlo himself
      > has gone into a snarl,
      > and posted a poll to "rate"
      > the irascible persona that
      > I bring into their midst.
      > (If you were here in the
      > days of the Jeff and Judi
      > show, you've seen pretty
      > much the full monty).
      > What has this to do with
      > meditation? I'm a long-term
      > meditator (27 years and
      > counting - I'm ready to
      > stop counting) and it will
      > be interesting to see how
      > many rate according to
      > what they have seen of me
      > at that site, and how many
      > actually look behind the
      > mask (persona) to read
      > information on my website
      > and the files I have posted
      > here and there about my
      > lineage (as a guru) and
      > my method (as a meditation
      > teacher and motivational
      > coach) and my enlightenment
      > journey.
      > Meditation may not do much
      > to change the outward look
      > and personality, but it does,
      > in the world according to me,
      > brings about dramatic emotional,
      > psychological, and even possibly
      > cellular-level changes.
      > I am also convinced that it
      > improves coordination and
      > physical grace, that it
      > not only relieve stress, but
      > allow the meditator to take
      > life's bump and grinds in
      > stride and with equanimity
      > in great part.
      > Does bias effect fair judgment
      > and intellect? Is it just
      > an ego battle? Will this
      > poll really answer any of
      > that?
      > I'll be back with results
      > when they are published.
      > Just thought this might be
      > of interest to meditators
      > and spiritual seekers.
      > Meanwhile....
      > OM

      Hi Jeff,

      I don't know what to make of Sarlo's rating system. At first I
      thought that the site was meant only as a conversational piece for
      his group, apparently it has a Wider attraction.
      Indicative of the wider attraction is the number of folks who seem to
      take it seriously.

      I've visited the "bud" site only once and it seems that something
      Major is missing: there is not input by the disciples/students of the
      the "rated" Guru.

      Jeff, so you don't think it peculiar that you invite people to rate
      you when your function here is not that of a Guru?

      Who better to rate a Teacher/Guru then those who have Worked with the
      Guru, those who have been with the Guru through Thick and
      Thin....those who can Conclude either Yes, I have been benefitted by
      my association with HIM/HER or NO, I have not benefitted from being
      with HIM/HER.
      My questions to such a Disciple what then be ....so tell me, What
      have you learned and How have you changed, progressed and developed.

      Some here may say "Yes, Jeff is Insightful, Industrious, Experienced
      and Funny"....the same can be said about Others who have not "taken"
      up the Guru mantle.

      Perhaps before we do this "little" Guru rating thing, isn't it fair
      to Ask...."where are your Disciples (those who call you "Guru") and
      how do They rate you?"

      At this point, all I can rate is your Participation/Contribution as a
      Group Member (here and there): I cast my Vote for you...3 buds =
      an "exceptional" Member. ;)

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