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8825Re: Frustration

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  • satkartar7
    Jun 2, 2003
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      <Karta without a halo>
      > NOw, Karta, everyOne has a halO. Sometimes, they have these pinky
      > red swirls coming out of them, though.

      I felt like appearing without a halo
      and the point of mentioning the "ONE" vs
      airheads with holy-halos is somewhere else

      love, Karta

      devi: *there are no others* is exactly
      what it means..He's talking from a
      place where He is God and I am God
      and You are God and God is experiencing
      Himself = God-realiztion is realizing
      that you are
      God..the all alone, only One

      > this formula will work using ONE
      > instead of God:
      > He is ONE and I am ONE and
      > You are ONE and ONE is
      > experiencing = realization is realizing
      > that we are ONE
      > only One
      > Karta without a halo
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