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  • Gene Poole
    Jun 2, 2003
      "Onniko" <onniko@y...> wrote:

      > How many children do you have, Gene?
      > What are some ways you have to
      > make them feel that they aren't owned by you?

      My two sons, one is 18,
      the other is 21.

      From their earliest days,
      I taught them how communication
      works, with a strong emphasis on
      being able to identify bullshit, and
      especially the telltales of domination
      and control.

      They are in no danger of falling
      prey to any sort of fascism, including
      the too-common 'value-fascism'
      which runs rampant in our cultures.

      They are able to immediately identify
      the authoritarian personality, as it
      presents itself in any form, be it in
      person, in a media presentation, or
      in writing.

      They are essentially immune to being
      wrangled by any sort of control-freak,

      ==Gene Poole==

      Immunity does not
      produce impunity

      > > 'Hindsight shows how often yesterday's so-called truth
      > > may become today's absurdity. Real ability is to respect
      > > relative truth without damaging oneself by refusing to
      > > realize that it will be superseded. When you observe that
      > > today's controversies often reveal not relevance but the
      > > clash of the untaught with the wrongly taught, and when
      > > you can endure this knowledge without cynicism, as a
      > > lover of humankind, greater compensations will be open to
      > > you than a sense of your own importance or satisfaction in
      > > thinking about the unreliability of others.'
      > >
      > > From 'A Perfumed Scorpion' Idries Shah
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