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8812Natural Mindfulness Meditation

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 2, 2003
      Dante and I just got back from our daily visit to a nearby state park.
      It is so easy to be mindful and mind-empty of the usual inner chatter
      while in nature. I know that some people feel uncomfortable outside
      of a city environment, but the distractions are so lovely in the middle
      of a forrest, it seems so melt-into-able. In a city you have car noises,
      people yelling, and machines grinding. In the woods, birds chirp,
      streams bubble, the wind whirls through the trees. Visually, there is
      no comparison between a graffiti artist and Mother Nature. The smells,
      tactile sensations, and the tastes of nature (Baskin Robbins excluded:-)
      are of a finer degree of beauty and enjoyment than anything found in a
      city. Of course it isn't "bad", and can be looked at as being character
      building, or some such thing, to be in a non-condusive to meditation
      environment, but if your setting is naturally relaxing, it is far
      easier "To Be here now", "To Be", etc.

      "High on life" and other similar cliche's,
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