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8797Re: Frustration

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  • G
    Jun 1 6:52 AM
      > Just as in dreams where each element of the dream is an
      aspect of myself I think everything I notice in life is an aspect of

      > Symbolically it may mean I am being pushed around because I
      fear others being ticked off at me. Or maybe I want to avoid
      trouble but can't. Or I get impatient with people who do that to

      > What do you think it means, Onniko?

      > Bobby G.

      G: perhaps it is time to question these reactions and where
      they stem from and what holds it in place .... in the end it's all
      about the conceptualized "ME" ...... i want , i need, rather than
      seeing other as One, most are focused on their emotional wants
      , perceived needs, and structure being catered to .....

      this is where self enquiry begins ..... starting to question
      what is this *ME* that holds these desires in place..... one must
      eventually come to a place of questioning it all to the very depths
      and core of their being ..... it takes pulling apart the illusions
      until ego identification and being wrapped up in the temporal
      form, mind, and emotions begin to fall away .....

      meditation brings focused awareness and a bit of a cushion
      so that patterns may begin to be seen and questioned...... it is
      this enquiry that can dispell the shadows that cover the pure
      essense with the false self that seeks to maintain and *keep
      safe* the temporal form along with it's strongholds of mental and
      emotional baggage called bondage and maya ........

      shanti om
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