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8766Re: Soham, the Best Meditation Technique?: K

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  • satkartar7
    May 30, 2003
      > > No matter how we have acted and reacted, with each breath we are
      > > > forgiven for our so-called sins and rewarded with another breath,
      > > > another heartbeat, and another moment of life to cherish. No act
      > of
      > > > will on our part can give us breath. Literally, we are graced with
      > > > this gift of life from a power greater than ourselves. A corpse
      > has
      > > > every bone, every organ, and every bodily system that we have,
      > and yet
      > > > it doesn't have life or healing energy filling every cell with
      > every
      > > > breath, as we have. As you merge more and more with Soham, you
      > > > surrender your reactivity to your thoughts, emotions, and sensory
      > > > impressions. These are all just heavy earth-bound suffering-
      > causing
      > > > limitations. The divine energy of Soham is limitless heavenly
      > love and
      > > > light. Witness, surrender all effort, and fill with this most
      > precious
      > > > gift of Grace.
      > >
      > > Soham is within the mantras given in
      > > light & sound meditation
      > >
      > > I could write about it volumes, if
      > > I could write. It is where the death
      > > -jump happens in meditation it is
      > > indigo in color it is the void you
      > > always talk about; it is just before
      > > seeing the Light
      > >
      > > love, Karta
      > Hi Karta,
      > If "I could write"....that's funny..what a Cop-out (anyone interested
      > in more info on this Practice can go to your Webpages).
      > Back at SRD, I was impressed by Mike Martin's post of the details on
      > the various levels of "sound and light" meditation.

      hi Cornelius,

      my point is that there is point in
      deep meditation where to the "mind"
      doesn't and can NOT follow, that is
      why doubted MM recollections. I
      think that those "inner-vistas" were
      set up by his line os Saints
      as I belive, that Buddhist mystics
      'set up' the Bardo: they are both
      mirages, held by mystics of a various lineages

      I always rejected when in meditation
      I was presented with a detailed
      [can be put in words] inner-vistas [astral-travels] they have value
      only if one is able to understand the language of the subconscious, or dreams

      The "cleaning" is faster in the
      abstract and cleaning IS the value
      of meditation

      The fact is that all those experiences
      are sing-posts besides "cleaning"
      of the subconscious [karma by the
      Indians; include emotional input
      engrams etc]

      love, Karta

      One issue was
      > whether he was posting his own personal experience of "sound and
      > light" or he was copying the material of levels out of the Sikh texts.
      > The Soham post was a good reminder of the profound relationship
      > with 'breath'; it's obvious but one forgets, right?
      > cya
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