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  • silauto
    Aug 6, 2002
      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for your input.I think the older a religion, it pertains to
      the vibrations of the people in the world then, so maybe in todays
      times it may not be possible to get certain results.
      All religions have their various prayers and passages which one may
      do to arrive at a certain result.
      I think one should have a short term and a long term aim while doing
      anything, so what would be an aim in case of a non religious
      By saying christian meditation, I dont mean to say that this is
      better or worse, but I think it is being widely practised maybe in
      the churches, so the outcome is better known to a wider population.

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., "Tony" <tosime@l...> wrote:
      > Hi Silauto,
      > While I don't have an answer to your question, I would like to pose
      a more
      > general question.
      > How does religious meditation differ in quality from non-religious
      > meditation?
      > Has anyone practiced both forms and drawn any conclusions?
      > ...Tony
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