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86Re: a newbie

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 19, 2001
      Hi - Have you checked out messages #60 and 62?
      They deal with OOB methodology. But please let me add
      that with OOB, and virtually everything else that
      deals with meditation, intention is very important. If
      our intention is to evolve and become purer vehicles
      of Truth, whatever we do will be beneficial for
      ourselves and everyone else. If what we do is for selfish
      reasons, we will ultimately suffer. For instance, if we
      just want to have OOB experiences simply to have
      another thrilling experience in our life, we will not
      gain as much as we would if our purpose was to really
      know that we are not just our physical body, and thus
      gain a degree of liberation. I don't want to
      discourage you from experimenting with OOB, because we do
      this every night during sleep. I feel that we should
      be aware at all times and that includes during
      sleep. This is called Lucid dreaming. But, as is true
      with many meditation techniques, it is beneficial to
      have good guidance at the start. Please use this
      message board for questions that may arise or if you just
      want to share. We will always try to help. I also feel
      that if the universe wants that guidance to be through
      a physical teacher, you will end up sitting in one
      of our classes, or in some other similar situation.
      If not, what you need will come to you when you need
      it. But, as I said before, a simple rule of thumb is
      to be very sure your intention is righteous and not
      just materialistic or egoistic, and you will not go
      wrong. I hope you enjoy you experiences, whether OOB or
      in the physical, and wish you peace and blessings.
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