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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 2, 2002
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      Dear Judiji,
      Actually, from my experiences with teaching live-in-person meditation
      classes for the past 15 years, and asking the students why they were
      there, I'd guess that about 80%+ of those who visit this group, do so
      for the same reasons as my studentsÂ…the potential "stress
      management" and health benefits of meditation. But, with meditation,
      it seems inevitable, or at least very common, for the question of
      "Who am I" to raise it's beautiful head. Then, everything else flows.
      And, since in a way, everyone is at the end of their rope, but few
      realize this, your pointings become not just appropriate, but very
      potentially beneficial to these "seekers". Similarly, if we consider
      reincarnation as a given, it may be that for 99.999% of those
      reincarnating, they are doing so for the purpose (perhaps a poor
      choice of word) of getting enlightened ("seekers"). The other .001%
      come back to help the "others" realize their enlightenment (having
      themselves realized that there are no others - "bodhisattva's"). So,
      what you, Sandeep, Michael, Bruce, and others do (in part, shall we
      say, point out that there is nothing to seek, no enlightenment, no
      seeker, etc.), is very appropriate on a meditation "ask, answer,
      share knowledge" group. And so, anything any of you guys have to
      share is very welcome. Also, besides all the esoteric and
      philosophical stuff, all of you have great gifts of good humor, and a
      good laugh is one of the very best meditative and stress releaving
      teaching tools.
      Peace and blessings,

      "Judi Rhodes" <judirhodes@z...> wrote:
      > Alright, that's enough Sandeep! :-) Can't you see these guys are
      busy trying to get enlightened? :-) What the heck are you trying to
      here? :-) Throw a cog in the "wheels" or something? :-)
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