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842Re: Journal Entry-Eve

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Aug 1, 2002
      Hi Eve. We're going to feature the OM meditation in the issue of The
      Inner Traveler that should be coming out next week. We were going to
      run this quote by Swami Sivananda with it, but there wasn't room, as
      the incredible OM artwork would have been diminished. So, I thought
      it would be good to share here with you and everyone;

      "The mind wants something upon which to lean. That is why Patanjali
      insisted that a Yogi should have Om as his Mantra and meditate on its
      significance. Om is the name of Brahman (God). Om is Satchidananda
      (Truth, Consciousness, Bliss). Om is omniscience and omnipotence. It
      is light, joy and peace. Meditate on these ideas, then you will enjoy
      Brahmic Consciousness. There is no doubt about this. Behind all names
      and forms you will then perceive the nameless and formless Brahman."

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., eveneon <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Date: August 1, 2002
      > Time: 8:30am
      > Duration: 45 minutes (open)
      > Position: Sitting in chair, eyes closed, hands resting on knees,
      > palms up
      > Technique: Breath and body awareness
      > Variation: chanted OM silently
      > My concentration was pretty good today. I kept my focus and just
      > watched. I was very aware of my body today. I didn't have any
      > discomfort and I was very relaxed. Began and ended my session with
      > three Om's out loud. Pleasant session.
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