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84Question about affirmations

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 18, 2001
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      Question (from email): Why are affirmations
      recommended? What's your favorite?<br>Answer: Affirmations can
      reverse a negative self image. For example, your "Inner
      Chatterer" may have formed a habit of telling you that
      you're not worthy of good things happening to you. So
      when you have the opportunity to have something good
      happen, it tells you that you don't deserve it and you
      give up on making the effort necessary to have the
      "good" thing happen. In this case, by doing affitmations
      that state that you do deserve to have all good come
      into your life, you can actually rewire your brain,
      your neuro-responses, to respond with a positive
      reaction and do what is appropriate to achieve the "good"
      thing. I hope this is clear. My favorite affirmation is
      an unusally long one, but contains a wonderful
      concept. It goes something like this:<br>"Before your
      Mother even knew you were within her, before any
      religious leaders, teachers, family members, anyone, knew
      you were there, the Highest Power so loved you that
      He gave you life, shelter, nourishment, and
      protection, so that you would survive and thrive. And with
      every breath, this loving blessing and protection
      continues, in spite of anything you or anyone else has ever
      done or thought about you or your actions. With every
      heartbeat, you are forgiven and given love and life and your
      bond with the Highest Power continues and will
      continue ever after."
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