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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 15, 2001
      Question: I think this way (meditation) is a very
      good choice. Maybe people who suffer from depression
      and anxiety and such diseases should try
      meditation.It�s hard to start and even harder to know where to
      start :)I think it�s just makes me tired if i try to
      think on the word AUM for example so i tried to focus
      on the "NOW"...not just the word but the entire
      meaning of it.<br>Have you come a far way in
      meditation?<br>Answer: NOW is a wonderful time to be aware and the only
      time that reality takes place, so I commend you on
      focusing on the NOW. Mindfullness<br>meditation is one of
      the fastest growing in popularity techniques and is
      appropriate for every meditator.<br>You asked if I have come
      a far way in meditation. I have changed from being
      miserable to serene, poor concentration skills to being
      able to be one pointed, emotionally out of control
      (road rage and all), to a consistant tranquility. Sad
      to happy, suffering to joyous. And I can only point
      to meditation as the thing that weeded my garden
      well enough to allow the fruits and flowers to grow. I
      am fully convinced that spiritual awakening comes
      only by grace, but also feel that meditation points
      the way nicely. And as they say, if it worked on a
      fool like me, it'll help anyone!
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